Holiday Skin Saviours


Pure Shea butter (above) is definitely a holiday skin saviour! Normally I am a mosquito magnet, and have really suffered in the past from  the little blighters love for my blood! This time I used the highest concentration of mosquito repellent I could find (50% Deet) and my mother was on hand with Pure Aloe Vera gel straight from a plant in the village, when I did get the odd bite.  Now they have calmed down.. but as so often with darker skins there is slight pigmentation which is going rapidly with the use of pure shea butter from Ghana.

There are many products with high concentrations of shea butter on the market (should be the first ingredient listed) but my favourite to use in the smelting Ghanaian sun was Clarins Moisture rich body lotion (still not tried the face products.) I loved it simply because it was light enough to use with lashings of Sunscreen!! At home, day in, day out I use petroleum jelly (sometimes mixed with olive oil or bio oil) but that would’ve been a recipe for BBQ’d skin- West African Style!

Check out Lily Coles Shea Butter experience in Ghana click here

 I am SO pleased with the results of Clearasils’ Avocado and Pomegranate wash and mask its unreal!! Firstly I have been using it  for FIVE weeks and there is still LOADS left! I am a face wash junkie, and can get through a tube of any product in a week, the fact it is still going despite my generous dispension is a testament to the product. The mask went to town on any perspiration build up during the day, and  2in1 products that save space in my wash bag are always going to be highly favoured!

Another holiday skin saviour I would’ve been totally LOST without is Veets spray on hair removal cream.  I’ve used Veet for as long as I can remember, but the new ‘spray- on’ formula was amazing in a hurry.. simply spray on, no spatula, no mess.. clean your teeth and wash it off in the shower. The spray got taken off me before a flight from Kumasi to Accra, but I was so determined to have it with me, I  went through the rigmarole of checking it in as an essential item with the airline staff, who found it very amusing I made such a fuss! Oh well!! It was essential to me!

Lastly.. sweaty bettys everywhere HAVE to try Right Guards’ extreme dry  together with extreme fresh blast body and hair wash!! I cannot stress how well they work together!! On holiday.. or in summer in general, it is the perfect combo for banishing unsightly patches! As someone who has been through a phase of avoiding certain colours or clothing because for fear of looking like I’d been sprayed under the arm with a super soaker 2000, I am telling you it works! I had the perfect testing environment deep in the rainforest of Ghana, where the humidity was no joke!! I went in dry.. and even the fear of plummeting 130ft to my death and my body being devoured by the rainforest monkeys.. wasn’t enough to break a sweat!  (under the arms at least!!) <phew!!>  <mops brow>


Look after your skin!: Its the body’s largest organ! As with ALL skin products especially those with natural ingredients, take note of  expiry dates. Once opened many products have a 6-12 month shelf life, with many of the key ingredients becoming Inactive after that period, and of course ‘off’ products are going to end up doing more harm than good to your skin.

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