Happy Easter


Happy Easter from Baby Bump Gray!

I love Easter!

As well as reflecting on the real meaning of this celebration, often lost in a sea of chocolate eggs, bunnies, roast lamb and hot cross buns, I will be looking at ways I can be more sacrificial in my own life. I admit it, I can be very selfish, and at a time when over a billion people around the world remember one who gave His life for all, I am approaching a time in MY life when I will be attempting to give my all to another. I’m thankful that my version won’t involve pierced hands and flogging, but still- I don’t want it to end with the little one…

I have experienced more expressions of ‘sacrificial’ love in the last 8 months than in my entire lifetime- it’s been life-changing. Shoes and bags don’t come to your rescue, when you feel like you have nothing left to give. Social media ‘likes’ weren’t there when I was working too late to house hunt before Baby Bump Gray’s arrival, that was my friend Chen. As nice as they are, Michelin starred restaurants don’t lend an ear when you need to offload after a hard days work.  A quarter of the year has gone.. never to be seen again. Have I made a positive difference to those around me recently? In all honestly, probably not, so I desire to invest in the those things and people that make life worth living.. Each week I want challenge myself to be uncomfortable for the sake of other people, to do more things regardless of if there is a gain for me…  I know it won’t be easy.. it’s likely I’ll fail at the first grumble, but I have hope, and essentially that’s what the Easter message is about!

Until next time x


A little Easter fun:

 Still off chocolate thanks to Baby Gray, so decided to have a painted egg this Easter instead!

Yep, I have hope for the challenges ahead..but I also have a very dear friend whose a dab hand at painting free hand!


Praise the Lord for Bio Oil.. half price at Lloyds Chemists.. worked my way through 5 bottles so far!


Water based body paints..

sketching ideas

Pre painting ideas..


Step one.. choosing the base colours..


Starting to take shape..


A chick to celebrate my little chick




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