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Over the last couple of months, my hair has been bleached, dyed (4 times!) loaded with 36 inch blonde extensions, steamed, tonged, pulled, yanked.. everything short of deep fried, all in the name of fashion! The recent doses of chlorine from the local pool had all but turned my hair into a frazzled ball of afro frizz. If hair could talk, it would be screaming at me to stop and get some conditioning treatments, as it happens, Mr Gray got there first. He didn’t scream.. but an unsubtle ‘treat yourself.. you should go get your hair done’ came from his cheeky self. My hair, an odd shade of orange, sighed with relief but I called his bluff…

Getting my hair done when its in this state is no treat! It’s mandatory! I just didn’t have time to do it.

‘Treat myself.. cool, how about I get those Louboutins I was planning to get for my birthday early?’

Mr Gray: <silence>

Little did he know, they’re not even available until hair wrapped up, and the family finally happy I won’t look like fuzzy bear anymore (shallow so-and-so’s).. I headed out.

Back in the days when my Mister managed a bookshop, he befriended  a lady who now owns a new salon in Wallington. After a text from her on the same day (talk about timing!!) I  took it as a sign, and decided to check out her Salon instead of my usuals.  Earlier today took advantage of the free treatments on offer at Adonai over the Easter Holidays. Mention thegrayway for an even bigger discount on products and services!

Blonde Remy extensions- I still have loads left some if anyone wants them!

Going Red for 2 days in Feb

Colour Block Hair: Pink /orange in March

Back to Black..

The work of Cheyne:

Goof Friday!




Adonai Hair, Wallington

Today was the FIRST time I have left a salon without grabbing a comb and scissors  or adjusting and  fiddling with my hair myself! The treatments are deep and will repair  any damage, and the 20 minute consultation means you are left in no doubt about what your hair needs, and what will keep it in good condition. Adonai caters for Afro, Euro and Asian hair!


Lipstick today: Rimmel in Alarm

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