Most impulse buys come in the form of new shoes, or that dress you think you can’t live without, ‘tonight Matthew’ my impulse buy was a gym membership!

You see, I’m  so serious about toning up as much as possible in 3 weeks, when Monday morning came, bright an early before work.. I laced up my trainers ready for a morning run.. but then this happened (!!!!)


I didn’t even have to shut the door. The blizzard did it for me! Off came the trainers and out went any motivation to see this period through!  Until after a couple of google searches I found a new local gym that met my immediate requirements: no contract, ladies only section ,  a good range classes throughout the day , and  sauna- done! They even do the Insanity work out  a few times a week.. I’ll be avoiding it like the plague. Less than an hour after blizzard gate, I had popped down, signed up and hit the treadmill!


The main gym is mahoosive, but tucked away behind the ladies changing rooms is a secret gym, where those of us who want to be a bit less exposed can hide.. and workout and talk.. and talk a bit more…


Ladies only? More like ONLY lady

To go with the workouts, I’m still trying to eat as ‘clean’ as possible: Today my veggie friend Moira & I had lunch at Beatroot Cafè Soho.  95%  Vegan (bar the quiche) 100% delicious and extremely  filling! Definitely an eaterie to visit if you’re in the area!


This picture doesn’t do it justice-  at all! go see for yourself :)

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