Go tell it OFF the Mountain


Although I started going to church when I was 12, and got baptised at 18, I didn’t start taking my faith seriously until October 2005. Prior to making a re-commitment to Christianity in 2005, I had several ‘God-instances’ which led me to believe that God was real, and more importantly that he was watching over me. Ironically many of the ‘big’ instances were  on holiday. From ‘sailing’ through the air when I drove a quad bike off a cliff in Seville, to my entire family surviving a road rage incident a few years ago, in Ghana, that shook me to the core. It was a nasty situation made worse by an angry mob brandishing machetes. In both of the fore mentioned incidences I was left with only a small scratch, however  permanent and poignant reminders that things could’ve been a lot worse!!

Cliffs /mountains and I are not friends! I should’ve learnt my lesson in Seville, but on Mr G’s advice drove up a mountain to find a particular church in Europe, only to discover  that the road we had taken was for donkeys and carts, hence getting narrower as you approached the peak. With no where to turn and beads of sweat forming on my brow, trying desperately not to focus on the drop down on my right, it was a sheer miracle that we got back down! I honestly didn’t think we’d make it! Trying to erase the memory in a bar later that evening, the owner shared that many people had died driving up that particular route, and that sight-seers are supposed to walk up!!! We must’ve missed the non existent sign sharing this key fact- but can laugh about it now!! It makes great dinner party fodder; each time the story gets told; the mountain gets higher, the cliff face gets narrower and my voice gets higher, as I recall the terror of our death defying encounter.

More importantly  each time I share, I am personally  reminded of how good God has been. Its not just been the holiday occurrences,  there have been countless experiences in my life that I can’t explain, but  know in my heart , they are down to the God I believe and trust in. I am far from perfect, don’t always get it right, don’t understand everything and have a lot to learn but faith has seen me through some dark days. Having lots of time to reflect on things whilst waiting for Andrew’s arrival, I realised if the ONLY thing that made it to Ghana with me was my Bible: I still would have had THE most essential item in my life, in my carry on! Its food for thought, and I felt compelled to share!

ACTUAL Food for thought:

I’ve only been in Accra for 3 days.. but eating out for every meal means the waistline is already expanding! I’ve eaten some standard Ghanaian dishes (Authentic Jollof &  Stew etc) but will definitely break it up by eating other  less stodgy food e.g Sushi!! I am loving the fact that there are so many more international restaurants than when I last visited!

I was welcomed to Accra with one of the most delicious cakes I've ever eaten!!- they know me too well!

Soft, MOIST, Vanilla sponge, Vanilla icing, caramel, toffee pieces and chocolate

So this means LOTS of swimming to balance out all the eating:

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