Go Green

Before undertaking any new fitness regimes, please consult your GP or physician. (There! My behind is covered! If anything happens to you whilst undertaking any of these tips.. in the philosophical words of Shaggy- ‘It wasn’t me!)


1. As someone who has been everything from a size 8 to a size 16.. GREEN TEA is the one thing I’VE found makes a difference to a health kick. Obviously just knocking back shots of green tea isn’t going to help you shape up (especially if you accompanying the shots with lard!!) Don’t ask me about the ‘sciencey’ bit- I tried a particular brand on offer a few years ago, but REALLY notice the difference when replacing my beloved fruit juices (literally dribbling at the thought of Rubicon..) with 2 or more cups of green tea a day. I cannot bear ‘normal’ tea or coffee and it seemed like a good alternative! Green tea was the most recommended ‘aid’ amongst  the ‘maids.

Once you get over  the tea tasting like week old socks.. It’s not so bad.. keep going: GT may taste like ‘the smell of bad breath..’ but  just think- in a few weeks.. you’ll go from ‘Halitosis to Halle Berry!’

On Monday.. I saw.. a.. tree..

By Tuesday.. still looking at tree pics! Dress currently @ TKMaxx £14.99 (not bad for 3 layers of netting!) I am definitely having a love affair with white dresses at the moment.

2. Don’t just go Green on the inside- Go green- outside!! So obvious- yet so ignored!! It doesn’t have to be hours in the gym. I love walking, but to get motivated, now find taking a camera helps- walking and snapping random things (a tree, another tree.. a third tree!) means the walk doesn’t feel like a workout. (and you get some great snaps of trees!!!) I could become a famous tree photographer.. Jodi Gray- Photographer of trees.      (Sorry I digress!)

My friend Fen and I did this just last week. Though it was bitterly cold.. three hours went by in Richmond Park, without even thinking about it!

3. Call up your Council!! Two years ago I discovered that many councils run free sports initiatives to help beat the borough bulge! With the Olympics just around the corner there are many schemes on offer. I am currently trying a free local Pilates class.. (1 month in!) every Monday afternoon, I psyche myself up, and  en route can’t help but wonder about the bottom burps that will inevitably come when asked to ”stretch up, and bow down!” (Why is there ALWAYS one??!!!)  They should make the class BEFORE lunch..! Sorry, again I digress..

If possible ask the council for anything body ‘sculpting’. If actively doing tip 2, you will NEED an additional activity to tighten up that skin! If you don’t fancy being with other people there ARE exercises you can do at home (but that is coming later!)

I guess the hope is that the volunteers sign up to a regular fee paying  session, after the free period is over.. but..erm.. I think.. well.. erm.. yeah…ahem!

4. Cut down Carbs after midday.. not ditch..not completely irradiate from your diet – just CUT DOWN.. ! You already know the score..Brown is best ( NB with all the football nonsense going on, just to be clear this is not a racist statement..I wouldn’t have married Andrew if I was anti-white.. oh and remember I said I was having a love affair with white dresses.. erm.. and..I like white nail varnish at the moment?!)

Whatever!  I’m just gonna say it: Brown bread, pasta, rice IS better for you! If you REALLY wanna see a difference, go brown! Green tea will be already helping to combat the bloating, so don’t ruin it by gorging on refined foods!

5. You don’t have  to eat traditional ‘breakfast’ foods! High sugar cereal, toast.. or the standard items. Although we all know porridge and wholewheat is great: One of the healthiest women I have met, often ate vegetable soup for brekkie at her desk. In a small office, of course there were comments about ‘the smell..’ and the turned up noses and the moaning (you know the sort, people with really whiny voices!!)  but come 10.30am she was the only one not reaching for the chocolate, or the biscuit tin*… or stroking a ham sandwich with mandatory curled up edges peeping out. (lol) I’m sorry but they often are!

If you DO try any of these tips.. let me know what works, what you struggle with or how you’re doing.. or any specific shape up questions.. feel free to ask- believe me I’ve tried them all!!

Peace out- tips 5-10… coming soon!

*remind me you to share my horror story about shared biscuit tins one day! It makes me VERY glad not to be working in an office anymore!

Photo credit – Natural Green Tea (Ross Hong Kong)

8 Responses to “Go Green”

  • Charlie

    Had to re-write this due to predictive texting not the best!!

    Good article/ I’ve been drinking Green Tea for a good number of years and enjoy the taste although I don’t have more than one a day due to the high caffiene content and I drink Rooibus tea which tastes nice, no caffiene and full of anti-oxidents. Another reason not to over do the GT is it can inhibit Testosterone release and cause a Cortisol reaction… I once used GT as a supplement and lost a lot oif weight cutting up Pre fight but felt I lost a lot of muscle tissue in the process. I too go brown in my diet although have since learnt that white rice contains more nutrients than brown and remember to only cut down on carbs later in the day if you are not training later in the day-you need them to get the most out of a training session to burn the fat for energy.

    • thegrayway

      Fantastic Advice! And because I know it’s from you, I know it’s accurate. Though I have been drinking Green Tea WITHOUT caffeine, funnily tip 6 is about getting enough sleep!

      • thegrayway

        I forgot to add that I STILL find brown rice less bloating than white rice.. but have often mixed the two! Will only ever eat brown pasta, and whole grains now! Until I hit my target will stick to small portions of brown rice (for the fibre)

        ps just to add people: Charlie is a boxer and also owner of gym like2lift. Any ladies (or gents) interested in kettle bell training.. or weight lifting for gents.. comment below and I will put you in touch! xx

  • Deborah

    we love our shared office biscuit tin – so keep the horror stories to yourself Mrs Gray!!

  • Andy Gray

    Dave does buy rather lush biscuits for the office, darn it!

  • Dorothy

    I’ve been on the green tea for a year now. Out works for sure.

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