Go Green II

Although there’s nothing in this post that could seriously damage your health- once again I must cover my (dry brushed) back and remind you to consult your GP or physician before undertaking any new fitness advice. If you choke on a popcorn kernel, body brush so hard that you break skin.. or misread tip 8 and drink yourself into an oblivion.. I’ll be thinking of you- but it won’t be my fault..

Previous Tips 1-5 can be found in Go Green. As explained before, there are many ways to keep fit and shape up, I don’t believe in quick fixes- ‘prevention is better than the cure!!’ These are just things that help me after particularly lax phases.

6. Find your weaknesses and substitute them!   My love of kettle chips on recommendation  was replaced with popcorn. Fewer calories, and better for you, with all the crunch! With many ‘skinny’ popcorn varieties around, it’s also easy to keep track of portions. Chocolate lovers.. try going dark, Ice cream lovers- should try natural fruit sorbet or natural frozen yoghurt (Sainsbury’s does a really lush vanilla flavoured one) sugar free jelly (or my favourite- sweet potato) for general sweet cravings.. I could go on.. Be warned not all substitutes are better for you- ‘low fat’ foods tend to compensate by adding more sugar and salt. You really do have to read labels- but substitute with natural varieties e.g fruit for sugar cravings,  and having a little of what you really fancy means you’ll rarely go wrong.

7. Don’t neglect your outside!! I once temped with a lady who ran a popular weightloss group part time. She once bought out a folder of her groups ‘before and afters’, and proudly showed off their efforts- yes they had done an amazing job, but they also could’ve been extras in NCIS. Healthier- oui.. slimmer- ya!  but grey, dull skin dominated the pictures! There are loads of things you can do to look after your skin whilst shaping up- (olive oil, bio oil.. body scrubs etc)  if I had to choose only ONE, it would be DRY body brushing! a) It increases circulation, improves skin tone, gets rid of those bumps on the back of arms and legs, obliterates dry skin and gives a natural glow. b) It improves and smoothes marks and scars (as someone who used to use foundation on my legs and back, for mossy bites and acne scars etc.- I noticed  a drastic improvement, after just 1 month of body brushing 3 times a week. Do this pre- shower  in gentle circular movements towards your heart-omitting the face and décolletage.

There are many brushes on the market- but my favourite happens to be from pound land!! It even has a detachable handle, so you can take off and store neatly, after using.

8.Ditch the alcohol! I’m serious!!! I know I said the only bottles coming with me on my journey to 30 were my ‘three G’s’ BUT in reality I probably drink alcohol ONCE a month.. if that! It’s not even anything to do with calories- I just don’t often feel like it. I DO know however that it weakens the willpower, and a glass or two of wine at dinner.. for most turns into eating more than you would if not drinking at all- or if out.. it almost always leads to the dodgy late night take away..

9. Get enough sleep… no explanation needed!

10. Plan-plan-plan!  Remember the saying: If you fail to plan.. you plan to fail!   So true!!

Make time to get organised- you’ll be less likely to slip up! I often make an omelette and steam veggies the night before- pop it in a tupperware, then into the fridge- next day, I’ll either eat it for breakfast (even the veg) or heat it up for lunch! Saves time ,money and is the reason I rarely buy shop sandwiches (ok, that and I HATE mayonnaise-yuck!). The omelettes don’t have to be boring either- spinach, cheese, ham, mushrooms…. the list is endless!  You could easily get in 3 of your 5 a day in one omelette.

Even if you do ONE of these, you’re certain to notice an improvement to your health. It’s not just about weight!

<cough> .. alas there was supposed to be a video on arm exercises that banish bingo wings (right here)- but I am unfortunately with cold! Never forget your towel when going swimming! I had the misfortune of doing so last week- the journey home was a VERY cold and wet one-I am now paying the price! So it’s back to bed.. armed with a couple of dvd box sets.. feel free to send flowers and dark chocolate! Actually don’t- I couldn’t smell or taste them anyway!

2010 Remix: Butterflies twinned with peacock feathers.

‘Finalment’…I am still wearing my paper lashes circa 2010-  Gently soaked in alcohol solution after each use.. I find them 10 times easier than other falsies (even the bottom ones!).. plus with the range including deers&butterflies, spider webs, butterflies to peach blossoms and even seahorses- I’m  just not  bored yet!! Really hoping to add to my collection during LFW!

 UK: Ebay, Asos and Selfridges also stock paper lashes!

Overseas: will try and find stockists for you if interested!

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