Gestation Frustration



Every women has preconceived ideas of how they’ll be, look and feel when pregnant. I remember having conversations with friends in my early 20’s – nodding enthusiastically as they declared that they would never not have time to get  their nails done.. or would never let a bit of tiredness stop them from going to the salon…

 Back then, I engaged as we talked about how we’d look forward to that ‘pregnancy glow’, thicker hair and fast-growing nails, the spots of our 20’s immediately disappearing, absorbed by the miracle that is the HCG hormone! Of course none of us were working in those daydreams,  our days would be spent shopping for maternity clothes, decorating nurseries, getting treatments and lunching whilst waiting for the babes to make their entrance into the world. Husbands only featured to stump up the cash.

Little did I know that as I smiled and contributed my two pence worth, the future would hold something completely different. The future would indeed hold work, there would not be a single day of shopping for overpriced maternity clothes (instead I’d be buying bottle after bottle of Bio Oil, vitamins and skincare products), there would be lunches (and there will be more, having five friends with due dates close to mine), however those early lunches, once eaten, would always make their reappearance into the world faster than any of the bubbas would!

And there would be the tiredness! Oh the tiredness. The absolute exhaustion that left me sleeping for up to 15 hours a day, the weakness that left me content with wearing a soup  and yoghurt stained onesie for three days straight.. the tiredness that left all hair care abandoned- too exhausted to do anything about it- I made do by looking like ‘Rasta Mouse’..

Bad hair day? It was a bad hair trimester.. yes it was growing quickly, but it was matted & locking! I’d been advised that that relaxing/dyeing hair in the first trimester could  (not proven) cause later skin irritations for Baby G, so whilst the raging hormones combined with the dehydration from Hyperemesis totally jacked up my skin, my (very dry and damaged) hair was left doing it’s own thing. For four months, I didn’t care. Sleep was more important! I don’t know if I dare post pictures of my skin during that time, it might give you nightmares. I’m happy to report that things have improved drastically, and in a bid to at least appear like a functioning, non soap-dodging, member of society, I have discovered combs and brushes again!! The sickness, early on, robbed me of enjoying the first trimester. Picking up a brush or walking into a salon may seem like a small or irrelevant feat for some, but for me it symbolises the start of a new happier chapter of  now actually enjoying gestation!  So in the words of a popular Australian hair care brand:

‘There’s more to life than hair, but it’s a good place to start!’



This hat needs to be burned!


At home, at work at play.. this wooly misshapen accessory, hid an ugly secret beneath..













PRE hotcomb = matted, re-grown roots.


Hot comb woes: After chopping it all off last year- and not relaxing for over a year, my hairdresser recommended twists or braids until I entered the second trimester. First we used a traditional  ‘hot comb’ to straighten it out without chemicals.  I went with twists but didn’t think they suited me and took them out after 3/4 weeks..


It looked ten time worse in the flesh: Like most black women I know, my hair is naturally a nondescript dark brown, so when my own  hair poked out of the black twists, they looked messy after day 2. When swimming I soak my natural hair or weaves in Label M conditioner to protect from chlorine- this was a total mission with twists.



Post twists: Jet black attack:  Now well into the second trimester, it’s said to be safer to both relax and dye.


Hi Baby!  :)

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