Gap Trap

Well over eighty percent of the clothes I have bought from charity or second hand shops (not vintage stores) bear the ‘Gap’ label. It wasn’t something I intentionally set out to accomplish, and odd because I never shop in Gap’s many  high street stores. There is  just something about the simple detail (‘oxymoronic’)  of particular pieces that grabs me! I love that with each piece I’ve found, I can stick on flip flips or flats to wear during the day, but can also thrown on a pair of heels and be ready to marry the night in a second.

Most things I have found defy season trends, are timeless and worth every of the ‘not many’ pennies spent on something that can be worn multiple times. I also of course love the fact that some wonderful soul has allowed me to re-buy their original purchase at  for less than the cost of a South Kensington Cocktail! So with my friend Bobby celebrating his birthday (last night) with a relaxed dinner and drinks party in SW7, this pale green shift dress spotted yesterday  afternoon in Ewell did not stand a chance of escaping my clutches! New 2u- Ewell 

Pale Green Cotton Gap dress with simple Zip back

Simple Pocket detail

Mersault, South Kensington -click for details

At first I was not enamoured with the 'crease easy' cotton

..but it was VERY comfortable and forgiving after my Jubilee junk fest.

An appearance from Mr Gray

It was a super chilled evening, with a great company! I  kept it ‘holy’ by sticking to cocktails with biblical names (okay, okay apart from ONE  Long Island Iced tea!!)  but with hindsight.. thinking we should’ve taken the pictures BEFORE indulging!!!






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