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Just  few months ago, I almost had a photo rejected at the passport office because the officer signing off my paper work thought I’d had a nose job. Your nose looks slimmer now than it does  in the photo, she barked. ‘Yes’ I replied slightly irritated ‘It’s called contour powder!’

Blusher  and contour powder have only become a part of my make up kit in the last few years, but now I wouldn’t consider my make up finished without them. I love how with the correct shading and colours you can change the shape of your face in an instant. I have quite a wide face but using blusher and contour powder can give it a slightly more oval appearance with very little effort.


The right blusher can take your look from fine to fierce!!

In my make up bag:


Mac Blush in ‘Loverush‘- A great richly pigmented blush for nights out or for something a little more dramatic- goes well with  purple/maroon hued lipsticks and rich deep coloured make up.



The lastest in my collection: NEW Halo long wearing blush from Smashbox..


Smashbox blusher in ‘Blissful’ – applied once in the morning for a much softer day time glow that last the whole day! I love the way the compact turns to release  just the right amount of powder AND I also love the handy mirror. I tend to wear this pinker shade of blusher with nude/  lighter shades of lipstick and gloss.


My everyday blusher (can you tell?): Mac’s ‘Raizin': A natural peachy pink colour for a subtle every day look. Also the blusher I used on my wedding day so it didn’t overpower the rest of the make up.


Sleek Make up’s blusher in ‘Flushed’ .Another deeply pigmented blusher saved for  bolder make up. It’s deep red tone is instantly warming..


Sleek Make up Contour powder in ‘Medium’ used for slimming the jawline, nose and bringing out cheekbones.  Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Lopez have got contouring down to a T! Using the light and dark powders as per below, giving the illusion of a super sculpted look, without the scalpel!


It looks like a lot of work, but only takes a few seconds of correctly placed brush strokes to make a significant difference.

Credit: Celebuzz/ Pintrest

African print skirt & blue crop top both Topshop


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