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The average brit has a repertoire of 7-10 dishes under their belt, that take on a cyclical nature. I’ve always known this, but reading  a family members article about her relationship with food, reminded me of how people (myself included) can get stuck in a food rut! Lauren (Andrew’s 2nd cousin) is a legend. Travelling the world solo, she has been a real inspiration to the family, taking on new experiences and challenges that most of us only dream of, and in particular conquering her many food phobias!!

To read why Lauren  had NEVER eaten eggs, rice or curry until the ripe age of 23 check out her blog

I consider myself to be a bit of a foodie, loving to cook and try to new dishes, especially when eating out, and will always try something once.. even if I don’t like how it looks or smells initially. However being extremely busy at the moment has made me very lazy (not unhealthy) just plain lazy. The cooking and freezing of homemade meals (paired with easy cook veggies and even frozen fruit)  has been a real saviour in terms of time and nutrition, but in reality nothing beats a freshly prepared meal!

Bumping into a newly married  friend, at a house party a couple of years ago, brought up lots of conversations about what we’d both been up to, but out of the many things shared that evening, only one line she uttered stuck: ‘We have a mantra to NOT cook the same dish twice in a year’. I was totally impressed by this.. and it set me on a journey in my first year of marriage, that probably lasted a month!! I bought a tagine dish, tools for sushi, a pasta maker, and many other glorious gadgets to aid in my own personal culinary revolution. At first it was exciting, spending hours in the kitchen and also in the supermarket scouring the ‘world food’ sections for various pastes, seasonings and ingredients.. then after a while it becomes too much effort, too expensive, and then its back to the shepherds pie albeit with a chocolate and  chilli twist!

The top ten dishes that Brits make regularly:

  • 1  Spaghetti Bolognese (65%)
  • 2  Roast dinner (54%)
  • 3  Chilli con carne (42%)
  • 4  Lasagne (41%)
  • 5  Cottage or shepherd’s pie (38%)
  • 6  Meat or fish stir fry (38%)
  • 7  Beef, Lamb or vegetable casserole (34%)
  • 8  Macaroni cheese (32%)
  • 9  Toad-in-the-hole (30%)
  • 10 Meat, fish or vegetable curry (26%)    
The top five puddings that Brits can make unaided remain resolutely British:
  • 1  Pancakes (37%)
  • 2  Apple crumble (36%)
  • 3  Apple pie (27%)
  • 4  Victoria sponge cake (24%)
  • 5  Trifle (23%)                                    (Source: Daily mail)
Of course not every brit has succumbed to simply munching the mundane, and over the years I’ve been treated to some home-cooked, dinner party meals worthy of a Michelin star!
Eating another jacket potato last night, I desperately craved something with more excitement!!  I’ve spent Saturday – Wednesday working in the Capital and wanted to recreate some of the dishes I’d savoured this week from two of my favourite Firmdale Hotel restaurants (both potential 30th birthday dinner venues) to Wardour Street.
(ps when did Wardour Street become a cake lovers paradise??!!)
So with my journey to 30, slightly lack lustre in the (home) food department, it’s time to dust of some of those cookbooks and at least try a  week of cooking new things!

Inherited from my mother! Almost EVERY woman on the Trini side of the family owns a copy!

I’ve had this cook book for years.. but think its time to brush the dust off and make some Chirashi!!!

One of my 29th Birthday pressies.. the obsession for Lebanese food has not made its way into the kitchen, so will start using this week!

…Though the cooking may have to start tomorrow as heading out for dinner tonight with our lovely friends visiting from Seattle!  (tee hee!)

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