Five fab finds…


Last year I was looking for an alcohol free perfume to wear during the Summer, and stumbled across Burberry’s Baby touch…

I didn’t buy it then, but seeing it recently on a list of baby essentials (first world problems!) peaked my curiosity, and as it was priced at just over £10 I thought why not kill two birds one stone.. a perfume I can wear when its scorching, and a little treat for Baby G.. ok ok.. I won’t actually put it on her skin (maybe the odd spray on her clothes, Tamara Ecclestone stylee) To be honest nothing compares with the natural Eau d’newborn baby scent- BUT.. if she’s anything like my mum and I, she’ll be a full on beauty product junkie, so I’m expecting her to request a bottle on her 2nd birthday!


It got me thinking about products, that have been essential to me over the last month (there are so many!!) but here are five of them to start with:

1. Lansinoh: Lansinoh lanolin formula is beyond fabulous! In my opinion, a product you have to wipe off before feeding is a waste of time (applying, wiping off, re-applying, seems like it would add to the irritation to me). Having used it for a month, it’s definitely one of my most used ‘baby’ products. Feeding up to ten times a day could leave you really sore, and this has helped to make sure I’ve had no issues so far. As it’s safe enough for Baby G to have in her mouth, I figured the hair gel type texture that ensures the products stays, would also be good enough to dab on the dry skin she had on her eyelids and wrists- it worked brilliantly!


 2. Cussons  mum & me:  I have been given lots of Johnsons  bath products which I am saving for when Baby G is a little older. I used their first touch range for her first bath, but the rest of their range has only been tested on babies who are 6 months and older. I have also got the full Burts’ Mama & Baby Bee range (a lovely baby shower gift) and some Duchy Originals products which I haven’t tried yet- but the Cussons sleep tight range is definitely a triple threat! The pediatrician approved bath wash, followed by a grapeseed massage oil, and sleep balm applied to pressure points (behind the ear, wrists) not only smells gorgeous, but aided in giving me 5 hours sleep uninterrupted.. now it could just be that we’d had a busy day, and a nice bath was just what she needed to conk out- but every time we use all three.. she drifts off almost immediately! * NB the product  doesn’t guarantee they’ll STAY asleep- and as her skin is too delicate to bath everyday.. looks like it’ll be a while until we can enjoy the full benefits..




Will test these later: They formed part of a jam packed baby shower gift full of bath products


3. Breast feeding covers:   I’d already mentioned I had a good cover in the previous post but,  as a couple of people asked me where it was from, I’m sharing today:  Bebe Chic – complete with handy carry bag




 4. Stokke Foldable bath: I bought one (clear) , and then was also given a pink one as a gift. Every now again you find that Mothercare has a sale, and I managed to get mine less than half price. I love it because I didn’t want a baby bath that took up too much room; this is very slim when folded.  I also love that I can use it to store toys, or whatever I fancy once she grows out of it.


5. Pink Dr Brown’s bottles: I haven’t used these yet, however they came highly recommended, and  deserve a mention for their limited edition set. Baby Gray has a cousin just four months older, who has the original bottles- I thought they were perfect (despite not being a fan of the colour), and essential to avoid mix ups in the future!


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