Fashion Peak

..and so it begins..

London Fashion Week, is a ‘trade’ exhibition,  solely open to press and buyers, it runs alongside catwalk showcases, promoting over 100 ‘ready to wear’ and accessories  designers each season. The event itself  boosts the UK’s economy by £20million each year!!

Autumn/Winter 2012:

Day One for me began about 6am.. having failed the task of picking an outfit the night before, the clothes rails were pulled apart, opting for a safe black lightweight cotton dress, black slouchy jumper, gold & black tights by ‘Giles’ and comfortable vintage boots. I chose not to wear any of the newly purchased accessories on the first day, but added some  bling with BarryM Silver glitter polish.

This Varnish adds some long-lasting serious sparkle!

 Before we even entered the exhibition- I noticed a stylist wearing the necklace I had bought only last week! Great minds think alike!

I hadn’t forgotten my quest to find  affordable Jewellery, but on entry was distracted by a brand so up my street, I  forgot all manner of decorum as I pawed through the collection!

A native of Taiwan, Mei Hui Lui’s love of vintage victorian lace, combined with intricate and playful elements produced a ready-to wear range that was adventurous but still feminine. Still on the hunt for that quintessential 30th Birthday dress- she laughed when I asked if she’d make me  a custom piece. It was my turn to laugh when she whispered a price.

With the Olympics upon us, it made sense that the Union Jack would make its way into at least one A/W 12 collection. Mei’s Union Jack dress,and feature piece, adorned with lace embellishments:


Custom-vintage accessories featured heavily, adding to the artistry. Mei’s ‘more is more’ take on the mixed pieces, often interwoven with vintage cloth makes for an eclectic (and thankfully affordable!) addition to any wardrobe!

Finally it was time to move on, and after arranging a date to look the full collection in her London Studio- I could only pray that she might soften and take pity on my purse! ( Below Joanna Cave and Atelier Swarovski.)

There were only a few designers that really drew me in; post vintage delight, two Japanese designers with simple twists on everyday staples:

..and although MANY inspired and wearable jewellery collections in the Rock Vault: only two Cuffs  so far, have had me breathing heavily  on the glass!

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