Fashion Meets Music


There is a new trend taking over our London towns.

It’s the rise of of the ‘pop up’! From bars to shops these temporary venues are appearing all over the capital. The trend involves “popping-up” one day, then disappearing after anywhere from one day to several weeks, or even months later. Popular by marketers for seasonal  items such as Halloween and Christmas items, it’s a great way to showcase products.. but last week seasonal items were far from my mind!

Fashion Meets Music is the latest fashion pop up boutique to hit East London. In collaboration with Company Magazine and located at Westfield Stratford  until the 20th October;  the store is choc full of clothing and accessories from brand new or up and coming designers. It is THE perfect chance to snap a great quality bargain before the designers ‘blow up’ and start commanding £200 for a pair of socks! Speaking of socks, America AND Britain’s Next Top Model contestant Annaliese Dayes was at the pop up last week in two capacities, 1) to present the launch and Fashion Show of London based designer Honey Malaolu and also to promote her own collection of fabulous frilled socks.

Honey’s in-store catwalk showed oozed with the confidence of  a designer who loves their craft. The ready to wear A/W collection was bold, and what some expressed as daring, without losing the wearability and comfort buyers will desire. Since meeting Honey last year during Alternative Fashion week, I have accosted her on several occasions – in a nutshell having something designed by Honey guarantees  something beautiful and unique that won’t be seen on anyone else at an event!

All items in the pop up will be on sale until 20th October. So get down there as quickly as you can! Go on!


Model and presenter Annaliese Dayes gets pampered at the pop up!  (*)


Frills by Annaliese Dayes


My socks! As worn today with Zara shoes


As well as fabulous items there are refreshments and beauty products to try or buy!



The pop up is home to  one of a kind, fabulously designed winter coats at shockingly low prices! – Check out Charlie Buckle



Me in Malaolu

Honey M1

One of my all time favourite pieces from the Honey Malaolu Butterfly collection



* Credit: Needle and Stack (Chile U)



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