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Mens Day 2011

‘Twas the night before Fashion Week.. but all through the house,

nothing was ironed..

not even a blouse!

New stockings were hung on my clothes rail with care,

then picking out outfits, and tonging my hair.

(Okay I’m stopping there! The original poem had 16 verses, and I’m just not that motivated!)

Yay , it’s the eve of Fashion Week! I’ve never been to FW as a guest. I hope it’ll be just as fun not having to work! Can’t afford any new clothes to wear so it’ll be a case of re-working things I have , maybe some stitching and sewing tonight, or letting go of my irrational fear of accessories!!

I never think jewellery suits me, and apart from small diamond studs on the day I became a ‘Mrs’, I haven’t worn accesories for years.  I’ll be attending with a former colleague who is particularly interested in Batik and Print designs, but I am hoping to find interesting and affordable pieces of jewellery to transform old outfits!

Earrings of Christmas Past


This week I bought this: £1.50 (topshop) Sale now on!

Hmm not sure what happened to my arm- lol...

From Peacocks in November- my favourite high street store of 2011- BIBA also does one at £50, but this was a fraction of that and has twice the amount of feathers!

Glams up.. anything! Even pyjamas.. (yes sadly I've tried!)

..also in the Sale.

Length of chain adaptable to suit

(Black lipstick BarryM #37)

Out of all the shows.. I’m most looking forward to Mark Fast’s. Having session modelled for the brand, and recently catching up with some of the team (man, I love those guys!)  My appetite has been well and truly whet!

(Credit: Colin Munro) In the MF 'Gorilla' Coat- Its not actual Gorilla before you start throwing red paint!

A few of my Fashion Week highlights:

Meeting new friends:

Nadia's outfit creations are to die for!

Hanging with Astrid Henderson Models.. such a horrible job..

Looks like a mannequin right?

Nope just very good at posing!!

Some of the men's interesting footwear choices... (#why??)

Thanks to a stylist friend, I also got to see a number of shows at Vauxhall Fashion Scout. The atmosphere can only be described as electric! With many new designers platformed at the event, the pressure to be innovative and memorable, only ups the ante in terms of design. I was totally blown away by the creativity and  extravagance by some of the emerging fashion houses. #lots of freebies!!!

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