Eve Lom to the rescue


 If anybody had told me that removing ‘Lets Go’ lashes would cause me to scream out in pain, I would have definitely reconsidered having them put on and stuck to my beloved paper lashes!  A few days before Christmas, I walked into a Saks Salon, ready to have my ‘spiders’ taken off. Having had them for just under a month, I was ready to try something else, but was told I had looked after them really well and could keep them for another week or two more! Big mistake!!!


Though I have been extremely careful with the lashes e.g keeping oil based products away from my eyes, using face wipes and flannels around the eye area, I couldn’t wait to give the eye area a really good scrub! Of course the eye area gets a good clean in the shower, but  the build up of (optional) mascara, dust and particles that get trapped between each strand is inevitable. However with the particles  HAVING EVEN LONGER to make themselves at home in the glue (even though initially sealed) made for an interesting experience. The equivalent in my eyes, of trying to ‘undo’ dreadlocks that are well and truly established!! The sensation of the extensions being removed, combined with the glue remover seeping into my tightly shut eyes, seriously made me question if I was going to be blinded after the procedure. As I relayed my ‘concerns’  in a cool, calm manner to the technician (yeah right!) I was assured that the feeling however painful- was normal!!

Queue puffy red eyes and sore lids, in desperate need of  a deep cleanse and some TLC!


Solution: Eve Lom cleanser !


Recommended by a good friend, and hailed by ‘Vogue’ as ‘probably the best cleanser in the world’  ( A very bold declaration!)! This miracle cleanser removes stubborn make up and impurities whilst decongesting, toning AND exfoliation the skin!  As I stood in the bathroom, rubbing it into my face, and focusing on the remnants of glue- I was reminded of my time eating the most amazing Dosa in a Sri Lankan restaurant! This stuff, smells, looks, and feels  (and probably tastes!) like ghee, but my word -it felt great!

After a few minutes of rubbing the cleanser in, you wipe off with a warm muslin cloth (provided) for the most clean, wonderfully soft skin! At the current RRP its a bit pricey for an every day cleanser, so will reserve for fortnightly treatments, but the gluey mess is gone.. the skin around my eyes is rejoicing that the spiders have gone, and the cleanser has (deservingly) fortified itself as my product of the week!

Available online,  at Space.NK and all good skin care stockists!  www.evelom.com

As for Lets Go Lashes.. once the memory of the removal has faded..  I know just like Arnie… I’ll- be -back!

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