Ebony and Ivory III

September 11th 2010

In case you haven’t noticed me harping on about it on various social media, today is my 3rd (Leather)  wedding anniversary, and I’ve been what some people might think is over the top about it because in my eyes marriage these days is either a total flash in the pan or like dog years. In our society  people give up way too easily, but I’m also aware that one year can feel like 7 (or maybe 10) and, the fact I’ve spent the last two years of marriage residing with my in -laws, definitely means in my reality I’m celebrating my diamond wedding anniversary!

I’m not complaining though, it’s been worthwhile experience: 1) it means we are now looking to buy our first home   2) we can probably now resolve ANY future issues unbelievably quickly  and without killing each other (or at least we’ll know how to kill each other in hushed tones in case his parents hear !!)  and  3) as we hit the 3rd anniversary and head towards the 4th year of our marriage, in more ways than one I believe  because of all we’ve learned from my in laws 50 year marriage, our faith, church planting and various mentors; that three REALLY will be the magic number.

Getting married is about MORE than just the wedding day, a white dress and party, and if I had ANY advice for future husband and wives it would be to always think about how YOU can make things better for your spouse each day, oh and realise that heartbreaking fact that YOU are not the centre of the universe-get that right both ways.. and it’ll be smooth (ish) sailing to the finish line!

Dedicated to the funny, generous, wonderful, inspiring one, who shares my passions & who pushes me not to settle, cheers!


 Totally agree with all the lyrics..  (and I DO have a funny story abut when I first met his mother lol) Yada, yada, yada – but on a SERIOUS note: The first 30 seconds of this  video are my absolute idea of HEAVEN.. take note Mr G.. #cake #cake #4thAnniversary – did I mention the cake??


No, I didn’t take pictures preparing for every year of marriage.. #remindmetoexplainlater

Although our intention was/is to reclaim some good about the date, our prayers and thoughts go out to the families and friends who lost loved ones in the tragedy of 9/11.

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