East is a Beast!

*Beast ://: Urban slang relating to something being fantastic or superior.

Saturday morning, I woke Andy with a ‘gentle’ shake, and informed him that we were going  to spend the afternoon at Alternative Fashion Week. He didn’t share my joy. ‘It’ll be fun’ I lied. The truth for him equated to me being forced  to watch an afternoon of ‘match of the day’. ‘Plus we get to hang out with Bobby’ I informed. Bobby, a mutual friend was styling the first of 40 shows.

One eye open, and with tea on his mind, he agreed:  there began the start of a day that turned out to be just a little bit wonderful.

First order of the day was breakfast! A cute  little cafe near to both home and the station, served us one of the best brekkies we’ve had (no grease!). The owner won me over by sending over free, super moist cake! Fresh hyacinth mingled with the smell of freshly baked bread, oh and of course the freebies held us captive for a lot longer than expected. We talked and ‘people watched,’ time went by, and so did the first show!

Lights, camera, but no action! I couldn’t believe that not only did we miss the show my friend Bobby was working on, we missed the entire catwalk presentation! Oops! I wasn’t upset though, Andy was probably secretly elated, truth be told the aftermath had a vibe that was worth hanging about for. The designers were clearly relaxed post show, so more up for chatting and sharing details of other events throughout the year.

Not all was lost! The free Haagen Dazs was a bonus, and being mistaken for one of the show models, meant I booked a future job without having to go to a casting- result!! After a little card-swapping, mingling and mooching- it was time to take advantage of joys of East London starting with a spot of tea shopping in Spitalfields, where the shows  had taken place. My Haul: A pair of retro yellow sunnies, yet another tote bag and some irregular choice wedges!

We discovered whilst walking how long it’d been since we’d gone East to just chill. Work things, and events: yes! But we hadn’t taken the time to just enjoy. It was great not having to rush for anything, and a blessing that the weather held out! (Black Maxi dress, and jumper both Primark, Oxford Circus-with the coldest May predicted in hundred years the jumpers are staying out!!)

After admiring  street art of sorts, it was back to more shopping, this time in vintage stores:

Deciding what to eat was a dilemma we were happy to endure. With probably the most diverse spread of ‘street eats’, restaurants, pubs and cafes I’ve encountered in such a small radius, options were not a problem. We met our friends Bobby (from earlier) & Maria, and with night still young, we chose to club together to uncover other eastern treasures before heading to my second Abimaro & The Free gig at Platform. (They are really that good!) Platform is an amazing terrace venue, unlike any independent cafe I’ve been to: both contemporary and rustic, overlooking a skyline of stunning scenery.

and a few from Melo!!:

Answer: The fact I just googled ‘schools  in Hackney’ means, not in my opinion!!!!!

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