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Yesterday I shared how my husband described 2012 for us as a year of ‘shaping’. Just to be clear that wasn’t body shaping! In fact, in a move thats totally out of character (over 12 months) I have drunk my way through bottles of  ‘Sangria’ and ‘Crema Catalunya’  (Barcelona) ‘Amarula’ from South Africa, ‘Alize’ from France, in fact EVERY place I have visited this year seems to have left its mark in the form of  an Alcoholic souvenir native to the country, or sometimes even the particular region.

Hen do’s, weddings, holidays, have all  resulted in me putting on a whole STONE from Jan 2011 and 2012 (no word of a lie!) It hasn’t helped that many of the events I’ve been to have had open bars- throw a few calorie-laden canapés into the mix, and its easy to see how suddenly clothes become a little tighter. Although all drinks were had in moderation.. Its a scary thought that despite regular exercise the pounds still crept on, each champagne bubble depositing goodness knows where.. coming back to haunt me in the form of bursting zips (as seen during my Monday morning Sales shopping jaunt’!!) I hardly ever wear trousers, but have been hibernating in palazzo’s and track suits until I go back to the gym this evening!!

Alcohol gram for gram is almost as calorific as fat! The Calories from acohol don’t come from sugar- they come from the alcohol itself.

So I’m saying goodbye to the liquid ‘dress size increaser’ throughout January and indulging in a more ‘saintly’ drink from South Africa!

Green Rooibos tea, is celebrated for providing a range of health benefits including relieving tension, allergies and digestive problems. Rich in anti-oxidants, its caffeine free and can really help improve skin (anti ageing), boost the immune system,  delay the dreaded ‘middle age’ spread and help you feel generally better in 2013!!

To raise money whilst staying dry  in January check out:

https://www.dryathlon.org.uk/  or http://www.dryjanuary.org.uk/





Green Rooiboos

Me now:


Courtesy of Dry January: Me with the long term effects of Alcohol Damage:


BBC article posted today: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-20874204

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