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Andrew Gray Day



Happy Birthday Andrew !!!

Having my Husband Andrew and Dad sharing a birth date is both a blessing and a curse. A blessing that I have one less date to remember, and a curse for poor Andrew that he now doesn’t get a day thats solely his. He’s had to put up with six years of me stretching out my birthday often making them week long events, and ‘our’ Anniversaries will probably be hijacked by me.. doing things I want to do, because he’s as long as I’m happy he’s not fussed about details. He’s had joint celebrations with my dad, which will probably continue unless we move to Alaska! So today is an Ode to Andrew! Its Andrew Gray Day (Sorry Dad!*) and I’m revealing my his 3 desert island wash bag items…

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Tip of the Week…


It’s something I do religiously at least once a fortnight. I should probably do it once a week.. but I always keep them in their own case away from other bits and bobs in my make up bag that get popped on sinks at events, on the floor or on random window sills! (Everything in my bag gets wiped with anti-bac wipes regularly too, but still!)  The build up of natural oils from skin, skin particles & old make up, are the perfect breeding ground for germs and bacteria.. which (no brainer) is not going to help in the battle for clear skin!

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Product of the week- Anything by Palmers!

As the daughter of a Ghanaian man, you would think I grew up loving all things cocoa! And you’d be right.. well edible things anyway!! Until a couple of years ago I could not STAND the smell of cocoa butter! Maybe it was the fact it was foisted upon me as a small child, and often meant my primary school friends were confused about the smell of chocolate when I was near… ‘Is it because you’re brown..?’ they enquired:  ‘No! It’s because my father insists on me smelling like a bar of Kingsbite, and looking like I’ve been dipped in motor grease..’  <silence>

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Cane & Austin Review & Updates (Vlog)

A few weeks ago I tried a product that claimed:

  • 100% of users saw a decrease in blemishes in one week
  • 90% experienced luminous, radiant and healthy skin after just one week
  • to treat hyper-pigmentation and skin discolouration
  • to reduces fine lines and wrinkles.
Below are the results…

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Product of the week- Prep + Prime Lip

A couple of weeks ago, I spent the day overhauling my make up bag with a make up artist with serious skills! Not only did he kindly replenish my stocks, with brand new products from his own kit- he introduced me to a senior make up artist at M.A.C HQ who helped me to pick a new foundations (one for summer, one for winter) after ten years of wearing the same one.

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Holiday Skin Saviours


Pure Shea butter (above) is definitely a holiday skin saviour! Normally I am a mosquito magnet, and have really suffered in the past from  the little blighters love for my blood! This time I used the highest concentration of mosquito repellent I could find (50% Deet) and my mother was on hand with Pure Aloe Vera gel straight from a plant in the village, when I did get the odd bite.  Now they have calmed down.. but as so often with darker skins there is slight pigmentation which is going rapidly with the use of pure shea butter from Ghana.

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UN-Max your Drag

There was not much point applying foundation in Ghana..  unless I wanted to spend most of my time scaring small children with images of a melting face!  Away from the air conditioning,  even with one of my favourite primers (below), foundation was futile! Of course, for the evening powder was adequate; but it actually felt quite nice to be bare faced for a while. I took pleasure in knowing that the people I spent time with either often wore sunglasses, or were so blinded by the harsh sun beams that both served as a ‘natural cover-up’ for me anyway!!

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Eye Eye Captain!

As you are reading this I am nearing Accra, Ghana! The FIRST thing I shall do as I step off the plane is reach for my sunglasses. Not because I have transformed into a diva, who refuses to make eye contact with people en route, BUT because in addition to channeling ‘homeless chic’, I know I will have some serious eye bags!! I never bothered with eye creams or gels until last year and out of all the ones I’ve tried, the products below have worked best, with L’Oréal Collagen micro-vibration coming out on top! Dabbing a little cream under the eye.. and then using the  vibrating wand to encourage fluid drainage. This in addition to cold camomile tea bags works wonders! I remember meeting a Neals  Yard consultant/blogger at an event this year, who put her wrinkle, bag and puff free eyes down, not to the products she was selling, but  to homemade camomile ‘eye masks’. Camomile is a natural anti inflammatory, that also helps to soothe skin irritations, so perfect for pooped peepers!

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Carry on Essentials


My actual case!!

Hoorah!!!! In a couple of hours I shall be boarding a plane and kissing the grey, cloudy skies of London goodbye (no not forever!) A mixture of short missions (church/charity work), media events and holiday fell at the same time, meaning a couple of connecting flights and the need to travel light. My Carry on case will be my saviour!

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Clearasil Vs Clarins

I never imagined that on my journey to 30, I would still have a cupboard full of Clearasil!! (It just doesn’t roll off the tongue as nicely as Decleor, Clinique, Avene etc.)  If you have read my post ‘Skin Games’ you will know I’ve been trying different products  to keep my skin as it is, with the promise of honest feedback concerning the best products. However, I like to give every product at least 6-8 weeks to work its magic, so nearly there!

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