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Pre pay day POLLS


Hmmm I’m not sure about the ‘inspiring’ or ‘wise’, I’ve made a fair few bad choices in my time, but I’ll happily take the rest!

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Better base. Better face


Last week a team from VO5 asked me to take some impromptu street style hair photos. Normally I would freak out that I didn’t have time to prepare or that I needed to retouch/re do my make up, but on this particularly day ‘it wasn’t a thing’. I was wearing two of my secret weapons.

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”Andrew has never accepted my help when picking clothes, my only input has been to hassle him to bin items he’s had since his teens,  or  that I deemed unacceptable to thrust upon civilised  society!” – Jodi Gray Feb 23rd 2013

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Those three words…


There are three words that to me are like the painful stab to the heart. Three words that can change the course of not only your life, but the  life of those around you..

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VSM.. Vertical Striped Monochrome.. more slimming &  flattering than horizontal stripes, and currently taking over the Great British High Street. A timeless wardrobe piece, and an item I have literally fallen fashion victim to!

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Brighton to Barca!

Spot the mistake?

In my ‘eager beaverness’ to write in the sand before the tide came in, I realised I had missed the ‘t’ out of Brighton,  and COULD have started again, but in that moment REALLY started thinking about mistakes. I had been thinking about them all week as I do periodically around this time of year.

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Madden and Me

Shopping for school shoes was a nightmare that lasted for many years. I remember squeezing  my feet into a funky  pair of Size 7’s and nodding so hard when asked if they fit, I nearly gave myself whiplash. They  didn’t! In my eyes the more painful alternative: leaving Dolcis (RIP) with horrendously  ugly  Size 8’s, that looked like the leather had been donated by a leprosy-ridden cow.

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A Plethora of (p)Leather


Where is the sun? Methinks its taking a vacation in the form of FaithChild’s jeans! I love the yellow denims, but love his jacket more!! Three things from Wednedsay evening are  etched in my mind.. the Live UK Gospel Scene is second to none, (p)Leather is IN and rats in London have no shame!

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A double Hat Trick +1


With SEVEN weddings for Mr G and I to go to between August and December, including one destination wedding; I am not only very excited and happy for the lovely couples, but have become increasingly excited and fascinated by hats, fascinators & head pieces! After some fun playing with accessories this week, I think I’d be quite happy wearing the same dress to ALL of the nuptials, and mixin’ it up with lots of different head gear..

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Lace & Tweed Event


 Thousands of people turned out to the Spring Lace & Tweed fair, making it one of the biggest Vintage events of the year, so far!  Of course this meant for LOTS of pictures in the L&T booth; making the decision for the ‘best dressed vintage’ shopper a mammoth task! We haven’t forgotten about it, and will be announcing the winner and prizes in due course! So in case you missed it, and for a little taster of why you should NOT miss the next one… enjoy!!!

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