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Jurassic Spark


Heading back from a friends house last week, we spotted another friend coming out of our local pub, and  stopped to say hello..

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Happy Easter


Happy Easter from Baby Bump Gray!

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Baby On Board



Last Tuesday night, after work, I went out for dinner with a friend. As we negotiated the back streets of Regent Street, walking past Burger & Lobster, peeking at the diners in Honest Burger, we had only one thing on our minds… Lebanese food!

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The Monday Blog Tour



I was more than touched to be nominated by the multi-talented Naomi Aidoo, who blogs at (Authenic Heart)  to join ‘The Monday Blog Tour’. Writers whose blogs I regularly read, have shared details of their literary and personal journeys, and it’s been lovely seeing people I both admire and respect being nominated during the tour. We’ve all been asked the same four questions, and I have attempted to answer them as best as I can:

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Hello, September!


I absolutely adore the month of September- it’s my favourite month of the entire year, and not just because it happens to be both my birthday and wedding anniversary month, and as much as I adore all that is sartorial, it’s not even because it is THE fashion month of the universe…

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Q: Have I abandoned TheGrayWay?

A: Absolutely not!

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Not so dirty Thirty..

‘..But I’m 30 today!’ I protested to the doorman, refusing me entry into the ‘establishment’.  Taking the smallest clutch bag I own may have been a good idea for the earlier birthday dinner, but was not a good choice for the Cocktail bar later. Tiny clutch=no room for ID. Thankfully, Facebook messages and texts served as ‘proof’ , and I avoided the disgrace of being sent home without my complimentary Rasberry Tatankas!!

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August in Pictures

A few random pictures..
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My Hot Tub Time Machine


 Maybe the most random thing I’ll ever post.. Maybe not..

Over the year I have dropped several hint to friends and family about potential 30th birthday presents..


 #thats all.

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The Torch came to town

Whether you’re excited by the Olympics or not.. they’re nearly here… and unless  you plan to leave the country, hibernate until they’re over,  or not watch any TV for a month  you WILL be affected! Could be by  journey delays, Olympic conversations or by the ‘in yer face’  branding and advertising.. In my opinion its an exciting time!

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