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Mum conundrum

Creme de la mum



Fifteen minutes ago- I was absolutely sure of what I was going to get my mum for ‘Mother’s Day!’…

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Team Murad



Although I don’t particularly like Winter and the effects the cold weather has on the skin (constant movement between dry heat to the extreme cold) I DO like that with less sun, in my opinion, Winter is the perfect time to deal with pigmented skin. I’m not gonna lie, it actually feels good to be on the other side of the skin spectrum, and I feel that months of testing and trying products is worth it when people ask what I use on my once severely acne scarred mug! My inbox is full of  requests for solutions to scarring and so I thought it was the perfect time to share this post.

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Modern Ginzing-A-mins!



In February 2010 I temped with a girl who was absolutely obsessed with Origins facials. She knew I was going through a tough time with my own skin, so during a lunch break she dragged me along to the Origins store in Kingston for an assessment with a complimentary  thirty minute facial..

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Oil be buying more


A couple of months ago I met up with an old school friend. She looked fabulous, and always does, but it was her mum who shocked me the most. Over ten years had passed since I’d last seen her  mother and she looked  the same, if not better than all those years ago. Want to know her secret? Well oil tell you..

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Wham, bam, thank you Sam!


So picture the scene:  I have an event to go to… I’m getting ready..  I reach for a make up brush but forget they have all been washed and are sopping wet

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Better base. Better face


Last week a team from VO5 asked me to take some impromptu street style hair photos. Normally I would freak out that I didn’t have time to prepare or that I needed to retouch/re do my make up, but on this particularly day ‘it wasn’t a thing’. I was wearing two of my secret weapons.

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Under the (chel)SEA




The Grays may be no Zena Holloway, but an urban retreat in Chelsea is giving us the perfect excuse to pretend regardless!

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Eve Lom to the rescue


 If anybody had told me that removing ‘Lets Go’ lashes would cause me to scream out in pain, I would have definitely reconsidered having them put on and stuck to my beloved paper lashes!  A few days before Christmas, I walked into a Saks Salon, ready to have my ‘spiders’ taken off. Having had them for just under a month, I was ready to try something else, but was told I had looked after them really well and could keep them for another week or two more! Big mistake!!!

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Tooth of the matter..


James Arthurs Family pre X Factor result show

‘Winning has put the smile back on my face.. I can get my teeth sorted!’ – James Arthur (X Factor winner 2012)

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Product of the week- Anything by Palmers!

As the daughter of a Ghanaian man, you would think I grew up loving all things cocoa! And you’d be right.. well edible things anyway!! Until a couple of years ago I could not STAND the smell of cocoa butter! Maybe it was the fact it was foisted upon me as a small child, and often meant my primary school friends were confused about the smell of chocolate when I was near… ‘Is it because you’re brown..?’ they enquired:  ‘No! It’s because my father insists on me smelling like a bar of Kingsbite, and looking like I’ve been dipped in motor grease..’  <silence>

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