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Hello Spring!


Until the cool breeze made my eyes water and the skies opened, pelting us with hailstones on Sunday afternoon, I , like so many others had put away my winter coats, and was having a dalliance with denim jackets and cardis.

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Totally Lashed



™ Total Minks Lashes Sultry Minks

Last night I felt like a naughty, rebellious child; not because I got totally lashed on the amazing complimentary Midori cocktails (I didn’t!)  but for  rocking up to to an eyelash launch, not wearing the brand of lashes being showcased, but wearing lashes created by straight talking, beautiful top model Alisha White!

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Wham, bam, thank you Sam!


So picture the scene:  I have an event to go to… I’m getting ready..  I reach for a make up brush but forget they have all been washed and are sopping wet

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From Blusher with love



Just  few months ago, I almost had a photo rejected at the passport office because the officer signing off my paper work thought I’d had a nose job. Your nose looks slimmer now than it does  in the photo, she barked. ‘Yes’ I replied slightly irritated ‘It’s called contour powder!’

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Better base. Better face


Last week a team from VO5 asked me to take some impromptu street style hair photos. Normally I would freak out that I didn’t have time to prepare or that I needed to retouch/re do my make up, but on this particularly day ‘it wasn’t a thing’. I was wearing two of my secret weapons.

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VSM.. Vertical Striped Monochrome.. more slimming &  flattering than horizontal stripes, and currently taking over the Great British High Street. A timeless wardrobe piece, and an item I have literally fallen fashion victim to!

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Fun with Fuchsia!

fun with fuschiar


One of my most hated colours has jus become a firm favourite!

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Long-haul Longevity

Crystal Towers Hotel and Spa, Cape Town

Three flight attendants shouting my name, and my face covered with an oxygen mask was not how I envisioned ending the most amazing time in South Africa. As I came round, it became apparent that I had passed out due to dehydration but thank goodness, the wonderful flight staff at Virgin were professional, swift and got me back to myself during the 11 hour flight back from Cape Town. The incident could have been a really messy disaster, but miraculously I escaped unscathed and even the ‘Lets Go’ Lashes, survived my face first collapse onto the plane floor,  and stayed in tact!

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Tip of the Week…


It’s something I do religiously at least once a fortnight. I should probably do it once a week.. but I always keep them in their own case away from other bits and bobs in my make up bag that get popped on sinks at events, on the floor or on random window sills! (Everything in my bag gets wiped with anti-bac wipes regularly too, but still!)  The build up of natural oils from skin, skin particles & old make up, are the perfect breeding ground for germs and bacteria.. which (no brainer) is not going to help in the battle for clear skin!

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Product of the week- Prep + Prime Lip

A couple of weeks ago, I spent the day overhauling my make up bag with a make up artist with serious skills! Not only did he kindly replenish my stocks, with brand new products from his own kit- he introduced me to a senior make up artist at M.A.C HQ who helped me to pick a new foundations (one for summer, one for winter) after ten years of wearing the same one.

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