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Gestation Frustration



Every women has preconceived ideas of how they’ll be, look and feel when pregnant. I remember having conversations with friends in my early 20’s – nodding enthusiastically as they declared that they would never not have time to get  their nails done.. or would never let a bit of tiredness stop them from going to the salon…

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Buzzcut season




Remember  ‘the great head shaving meltdown’ of 2006?  When cray cray  Brit-nay was photographed sporting a skinhead whilst attacking paparazzi with an umbrella? As if you could forget..

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Under the (chel)SEA




The Grays may be no Zena Holloway, but an urban retreat in Chelsea is giving us the perfect excuse to pretend regardless!

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Star-Spangled pt.2


It seems like Beyoncé doesn’t just serve as style inspiration for us mere mortals, but other celebrities covet the ever changing hair of Mrs Knowles- Carter too!  In my ‘research’.. I came across too many to expose but one stood out.. for all the wrong reasons!

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So the world didn’t end..



Christmas shopping still to be done.. the world could’ve ended.. but I spent yesterday playing with Hydrogen Peroxide!  #DipDye

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Nov-el Times

Pinch punch first of the month! It’s November, which means the jumpers and coats, come out of hiding, and the foolishness of Halloween Autumn is officially over. Okay, the temperature’s been telling us its been over for a loooong time, but I lived in hope! Now this isn’t a rant about the weather, and as my friend  Pat correctly pointed out on her facebook status last week; it’s much better to live in a country with lots of rain and cold snaps than to experience regular hurricanes, tornados and earthquakes! My thoughts and prayers are with those who are getting over the worst of Hurrican Sandy, and in particular my lovely family who graciously hosted the most fabulous Christmas in NYC last year.

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Hair Today

Over the last couple of months, my hair has been bleached, dyed (4 times!) loaded with 36 inch blonde extensions, steamed, tonged, pulled, yanked.. everything short of deep fried, all in the name of fashion! The recent doses of chlorine from the local pool had all but turned my hair into a frazzled ball of afro frizz. If hair could talk, it would be screaming at me to stop and get some conditioning treatments, as it happens, Mr Gray got there first. He didn’t scream.. but an unsubtle ‘treat yourself.. you should go get your hair done’ came from his cheeky self. My hair, an odd shade of orange, sighed with relief but I called his bluff…

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