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Literally, Baking Mad



The girl who tried cakes from over 20 cake companies before finding my wedding cake – that’s me! The girl who when working from home often bakes and eats cakes for lunch, – guilty, that’s also me (admittedly some are extremely healthy) and that girl who squealed at finding one of the few places in the UK that serves a wonderfully moist trés leches cake (native to Mexico)- yep sorry for those burst eardrums, that was also me!

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Ebony and Ivory III

September 11th 2010

In case you haven’t noticed me harping on about it on various social media, today is my 3rd (Leather)  wedding anniversary, and I’ve been what some people might think is over the top about it because in my eyes marriage these days is either a total flash in the pan or like dog years. In our society  people give up way too easily, but I’m also aware that one year can feel like 7 (or maybe 10) and, the fact I’ve spent the last two years of marriage residing with my in -laws, definitely means in my reality I’m celebrating my diamond wedding anniversary!

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At my church we have been looking at perspective. Perspective = a mental view or outlook, and depending on your outlook you can shape your life. We’ve been studying passages about a guy called Paul who was wrongly imprisoned but still had an insanely positive outlook on life, this gave hope to his situation and touched the people around him.

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Q: Have I abandoned TheGrayWay?

A: Absolutely not!

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Be Militant about change!


Karen Salmansohn

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August in Pictures

A few random pictures..
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A L’il Liverpool

 Liverpool is stunning! Not what I was expecting at all. Beautiful architecture and many free museums and exhibitions ( Titanic). It’s fabulous for shopping (Liverpool ONE= the best shopping centre) and Mathew Street is home to loads of  cafes and boutiques including the famous Cricket Boutique. The tourist attractions (including Beatles tours, Docks and the Liverpool Eye)  are  ALL within walking distance from each other. A ‘South Bank’ style restaurant haven that rivals London’s is the setting for exotic eateries including ‘The Beach'; a sandy, decked bandstand complete with Cocktails for Adults and luxurious sandpit/pool for kids. The good weather meant we enjoyed every meal al fresco, and although led to believe Liverpool City  is expensive, its FAR cheaper than London meaning we could stay right in the heart of the City in a decent hotel for around £60 a night.

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Kumasi Childrens Home

Sitting at the back of the classroom listening to Class One recite the alphabet, was one of those moments that induces goosebumps. Months earlier I had received an email from my cousin who had visited the local children’s home in Kumasi, Ghana out of curiosity. He was so affected by what he saw, he pledged to help make changes there and then. Around the same time I got his email, I was having discussions with Andrew about various missions and causes, that we should support as a couple. I knew when I married Andrew that a life of being oblivious to the needs of others was not an option, and just as well, because although initially overwhelmed to passiveness by the number of organisations and projects to support those in need: it has been something I have felt more and more restless about as time goes on.

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The hands have it

I learnt VERY quickly during my temping days NOT to eat from communal office biscuit tins! Was I afraid that the chocolate chips may resurface as stubborn pustules on my then patch-worked face.. or did the thought of cookies enjoyed for a moment, setting up home on my hips fill me with dread? The truth is neither.  I honestly couldn’t be sure that those remnants of ‘chips’ lurking in the corners of the tin, were actually chocolate.

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A friend like Fen

It wasn’t until I had an outdoor space of my own that I started to appreciate the potent power of plants. Our large roof terrace overlooking a well kept garden, was to be the source of discussions and ideas instigated and executed by my friend Fionnuala (Fen).  Fen has impeccable taste. Her home and garden are beautifully decorated, each room enchanting as it is different, an uncluttered host to objects of her extensive travels. It’s impossible to not get garden envy sitting in her sunken decked area, over looking the urban savannah she and her other half have created from scratch..  drinking lemonade (fresh from her lemon tree!) or eating a home cooked meal flavoured with her homegrown herbs..

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