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The Way of Wagamama

Chicken Katsu Curry


It’s taken me about 15 minutes to get going on this post.. every time I get my hands into ‘type mode’, I stop, stare at the screen and get mesmerised by the soft fluffy rice ‘ball’.. I imagine the taste of the crunchy, salty panko breadcrumbs.. and oops.. I’ve done it again..

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The Shoreditch Fashion Show 2013


Great fashion, eclectic food and the coolest music… Nowhere in the Capital exuberates  ‘effortless cool’ like East London.  Over the weekend, lovers of art, fashion and music gathered for a second instalment of ‘The Shoreditch Fashion Show’. #TSFS2013

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Literally, Baking Mad



The girl who tried cakes from over 20 cake companies before finding my wedding cake – that’s me! The girl who when working from home often bakes and eats cakes for lunch, – guilty, that’s also me (admittedly some are extremely healthy) and that girl who squealed at finding one of the few places in the UK that serves a wonderfully moist trés leches cake (native to Mexico)- yep sorry for those burst eardrums, that was also me!

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wagamama Hammesrsmith Front


 We almost fell off our chairs when we heard one of our favourite restaurants was opening it’s first Bar concept in London. Set in the newest branch of the chain, along with all the dishes we know and love, Wagamama (W6) Hammersmith will now be serving cocktails in a sleek bar area unique to West London!

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Go go glow


Leaving the house without a coat.. slowly peeling back the layers.. spending more time in the garden.. yes!!

I had no idea when I put on my trainers yesterday (according to several reports) 56% of the nations women would be choosing the same day to start their ‘bikini body’ diets, the park may have been full of joggers and runners all getting their ‘work out’ on, with the average woman aiming to lose up to 11lbs over the next 13 weeks, but I’m not that interested in a bikini bod or bikini diets, I still want better summer skin!

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Most impulse buys come in the form of new shoes, or that dress you think you can’t live without, ‘tonight Matthew’ my impulse buy was a gym membership!

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Secret Vegan

When as a couple you are known by a total stranger as ‘ping pong Andy & Jodi’, it’s time to stop and smell the roses!  Last month the fact that we have been ‘back and forth’ with various projects was the subject of birthday party banter. ‘You’re always doing something’ our new friend declared, I wondered how on earth he would even know- whilst Mr G ‘cheersed’ the source of his information!!  Similar to ping pong balls- may be , but starting a church is no walk in the park! So we’re we’re trotting off, after a friends’ wedding in the first week of April- and no, CityHill isn’t paying for it!!

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Real Housewives of England..?


The Woodlands Park Hotel

Most days between 3.40 and 4.40pm you can find me  lunch on lap, waiting for the start of a ‘real’ housewives show! I know its tragic, but  wherever I am, whatever I’m doing, there’s always been time for the housewives! Whether its seeking out free wi-fi or checking ‘my EE’ to make sure  I’ll have good enough 4G coverage  to watch it- For someone who doesn’t even watch that much TV, its crazy that such pap has me gripped!  From Washington to New York I love seeing places I’ve visited, observing the ladies ‘style’ and watching their relationships  develop. I use the term ‘relationships’ loosely as, 99.9% of the time, they tend to be clawing each others eyes out, and spatting about  stupidity-  but not so much on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills!

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Brighton to Barca!

Spot the mistake?

In my ‘eager beaverness’ to write in the sand before the tide came in, I realised I had missed the ‘t’ out of Brighton,  and COULD have started again, but in that moment REALLY started thinking about mistakes. I had been thinking about them all week as I do periodically around this time of year.

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Out of Africa, Into my mouth!

Re my last postShaka Zulu is a South African themed restaurant, opened in 2010 that has been on my bucket list for the last few months. Serving  game and exotic meats including Zebra with new twists,  every inch of the  of the the colossal restaurant  is covered in beautiful intricate carvings. Giant statues greet you when least expected and chic animal print markings produce a nod to the comeliness of African art. It’s one of the few restaurants in London that had me open mouthed from entry to exit.

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