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Skinny Sprinkles

Skinny Sprinkles

Reading an article on how women transform their bodies on average FIVE times a year, I could totally relate as 2012 was the year I experienced this  personally, at least FOUR times!

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Go go glow


Leaving the house without a coat.. slowly peeling back the layers.. spending more time in the garden.. yes!!

I had no idea when I put on my trainers yesterday (according to several reports) 56% of the nations women would be choosing the same day to start their ‘bikini body’ diets, the park may have been full of joggers and runners all getting their ‘work out’ on, with the average woman aiming to lose up to 11lbs over the next 13 weeks, but I’m not that interested in a bikini bod or bikini diets, I still want better summer skin!

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Most impulse buys come in the form of new shoes, or that dress you think you can’t live without, ‘tonight Matthew’ my impulse buy was a gym membership!

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Pimp your Playlist


If today you went for a run, put in some time  at the gym, or followed a workout  in front of the TV/computer screen- hurrah! Give yourself a huuuuuuge pat on the back!! (If you squeezed your glutes a couple of times whilst queuing for lunch you deserve a pat too, because every little helps!)

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Be Militant about change!


Karen Salmansohn

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Dry January



Yesterday I shared how my husband described 2012 for us as a year of ‘shaping’. Just to be clear that wasn’t body shaping! In fact, in a move thats totally out of character (over 12 months) I have drunk my way through bottles of  ‘Sangria’ and ‘Crema Catalunya’  (Barcelona) ‘Amarula’ from South Africa, ‘Alize’ from France, in fact EVERY place I have visited this year seems to have left its mark in the form of  an Alcoholic souvenir native to the country, or sometimes even the particular region.

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Insane in the membrane

Chatting on the phone to a friend about 30th birthday plans (whilst working my way through a box of Dairy Milk) I started moaning about how I hadn’t had any  time to exercise over the last three weeks, and that I was feeling it. She quickly pointed out that I had spent nearly an hour chatting on the phone with her, and that indeed I did have time.. but chose to spend it chatting and eating dairy milk.. I started laughing.. and choked on a chocolate covered toffee as Mr Gray looked on and did nothing!

“You weren’t in any real danger”.. he laughed, not looking up from his iPad..”Plus, you were still able to carry on the conversation whilst choking..!!”

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TheGrayWay is migrating..

To make up for the lack of posts whilst we move site:

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Go Green II

Although there’s nothing in this post that could seriously damage your health- once again I must cover my (dry brushed) back and remind you to consult your GP or physician before undertaking any new fitness advice. If you choke on a popcorn kernel, body brush so hard that you break skin.. or misread tip 8 and drink yourself into an oblivion.. I’ll be thinking of you- but it won’t be my fault..

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Go Green

Before undertaking any new fitness regimes, please consult your GP or physician. (There! My behind is covered! If anything happens to you whilst undertaking any of these tips.. in the philosophical words of Shaggy- ‘It wasn’t me!)

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