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Holi mother of festivals


Set against the back drop of Battersea Power Station, South London’s newest festival transformed a dreary SW concrete lot into the most colourful festival in the world.

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Garden & Garms (Updated)



T-shirts £3-5

 Who wouldn’t want to raid the wardrobe of fashionistas whose bulging  and unworn collections STILL have the tags attached to their designer garms!

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Ideal Home Show


Yesterday morning, Anna Wintour, Olivia Palmero and the rest of the fash pack may have been noticeably absent from yesterday’s FROW, but that didn’t stop me getting excited about taking my seat amongst the ‘less obsessed’  at the ‘Ideal Home Catwalk shows.

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Real Housewives of England..?


The Woodlands Park Hotel

Most days between 3.40 and 4.40pm you can find me  lunch on lap, waiting for the start of a ‘real’ housewives show! I know its tragic, but  wherever I am, whatever I’m doing, there’s always been time for the housewives! Whether its seeking out free wi-fi or checking ‘my EE’ to make sure  I’ll have good enough 4G coverage  to watch it- For someone who doesn’t even watch that much TV, its crazy that such pap has me gripped!  From Washington to New York I love seeing places I’ve visited, observing the ladies ‘style’ and watching their relationships  develop. I use the term ‘relationships’ loosely as, 99.9% of the time, they tend to be clawing each others eyes out, and spatting about  stupidity-  but not so much on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills!

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Long-haul Longevity

Crystal Towers Hotel and Spa, Cape Town

Three flight attendants shouting my name, and my face covered with an oxygen mask was not how I envisioned ending the most amazing time in South Africa. As I came round, it became apparent that I had passed out due to dehydration but thank goodness, the wonderful flight staff at Virgin were professional, swift and got me back to myself during the 11 hour flight back from Cape Town. The incident could have been a really messy disaster, but miraculously I escaped unscathed and even the ‘Lets Go’ Lashes, survived my face first collapse onto the plane floor,  and stayed in tact!

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Nov-el Times

Pinch punch first of the month! It’s November, which means the jumpers and coats, come out of hiding, and the foolishness of Halloween Autumn is officially over. Okay, the temperature’s been telling us its been over for a loooong time, but I lived in hope! Now this isn’t a rant about the weather, and as my friend  Pat correctly pointed out on her facebook status last week; it’s much better to live in a country with lots of rain and cold snaps than to experience regular hurricanes, tornados and earthquakes! My thoughts and prayers are with those who are getting over the worst of Hurrican Sandy, and in particular my lovely family who graciously hosted the most fabulous Christmas in NYC last year.

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Not so dirty Thirty..

‘..But I’m 30 today!’ I protested to the doorman, refusing me entry into the ‘establishment’.  Taking the smallest clutch bag I own may have been a good idea for the earlier birthday dinner, but was not a good choice for the Cocktail bar later. Tiny clutch=no room for ID. Thankfully, Facebook messages and texts served as ‘proof’ , and I avoided the disgrace of being sent home without my complimentary Rasberry Tatankas!!

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Bestival 2012

The Masses heading to the Main Stage

My hardcore festival friends have always told me: ‘If you go to ONE festival in your lifetime- go to Bestival!!’. I have to be honest, after Beyoncés spectacular performance at Glastonbury last year, the Somerset based festival was the only festival on my bucket list ,BUT after experiencing Bestival for myself..
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Nailin’ It

‘….Ooooo.. I love your nails!!!’ the waitress in Wagamamas screeched, in her thick Scouse accent. I said ‘thank you’ but failed to add that she had just missed one falling into my Ebi Katsu moments earlier! I loved my nails too, however I’m a lazy girl who detests nail shops, and my DIY extensions ; which welcomed the omission of barbaric techniques in local nail salons were letting me down!!

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Lace & Tweed Event


 Thousands of people turned out to the Spring Lace & Tweed fair, making it one of the biggest Vintage events of the year, so far!  Of course this meant for LOTS of pictures in the L&T booth; making the decision for the ‘best dressed vintage’ shopper a mammoth task! We haven’t forgotten about it, and will be announcing the winner and prizes in due course! So in case you missed it, and for a little taster of why you should NOT miss the next one… enjoy!!!

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