Candy Yum-Yum


Attempting to make Candy yum-yum demure…

 Eight entire days with NO sugar (in any form) or carbohydrates left me craving all sorts of sweet treats last week. Determined to last a full week  (and I did!) I kept myself busy and spent the money I would’ve used on edible treats for new make up instead! Ironically one of the purchases (recommended by my friend Renelle @candyraetweets) Candy yum-yum, initially didn’t help in pushing those thoughts of sugar to the back of my mind.. but it did prove to be a positive distraction later when Mr G and I in absolute stitches, both agreed that Candy yum-yum should be kept for special occasions  and not the weekly food shop because quite frankly I looked a little ‘Candy cray-cray’…



It’s a really fun girly BRIGHT (brighter than even the pictures can capture) pink, a shade I would normally avoid, but you feel really ‘cartoony’ and rebellious wearing it. Although Nicki  I have nothing in common but Trinidadian heritage, I guarantee if you buy it you will be forced to unleash your inner Minaj! Crazy, sorry..  ‘cray cray’ eyes included!!




I DARE you to grab Candy yum-yum to try this look when out and about.. the reactions will be worth it!




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