Buzzcut season




Remember  ‘the great head shaving meltdown’ of 2006?  When cray cray  Brit-nay was photographed sporting a skinhead whilst attacking paparazzi with an umbrella? As if you could forget..

 At the end of November my husband had a similar Spears ‘meltdown’ BUT far from rebelling against the public or the persistent presence of paparazzi in his life -it was a spiritual encounter that left him reaching for the clippers. He couldn’t explain it, but felt like shaving his hair off was only thing he could do at the time to symbolise that a switch had clicked, and that a change needed to take place. It was only hair- but even I, in my horror,  could see that something deep had taken place.

Several of my friends, including buff buddy Louise, have also recently cut off all their hair:

 ” I knew I was going into a new stage of my life. I could feel something changing in and around me, so I spoke to my boyfriend and he really encouraged me to go for it. I visited my friends salon and that was it. Since I’ve felt so free. I’m much more confident and secure in myself. Cutting my hair has been like a weight is lifted off my shoulders. I no longer fuss about my hair or at times even my makeup. I just go with the flow of how I feel that morning. It’s no longer about how I look to everyone else. It’s about me”. – Louise M

..It was buzz cut season, and I was inspired!

I have spent many years growing my hair, and being privileged to try some of the best haircare  through my time working at Cosmo, it had not only got to a  good length but also to a thickness and strength I had never experienced. A strength to allow it to be dyed several times without falling out!  Still, no matter the treatments or money spent on it, like most women, how I felt largely depended on whether I felt I was having a good hair day or not, and I had become a total slave to my selection of up  market Cosmo hair care tools! Trying short hair was something I had wanted to do for a while but was scared of, because so much of my identity had been wrapped up in my hair.

A lot of people associate a ‘crop’ with some sort of breakdown- but my little posse of peeps who have all faced the scissors agree it’s one of the most freeing things they’ve ever done!

Well just over two weeks ago I went for it! Sat in the salon, I had palpitations when I saw the scissors- and broke out into a sweat when the clippers were brought forth! My lovely followers on Instagram lent their support when my last minute nerves surfaced  and my beautiful friend Elisia, showed her unwavering loyalty by offering to clear her plans for an emergency chat and cry if I hated the final result!   2014 sees the start of a completely new chapter in my life- I’m  going to be the boss of me  (literally!) 1)I’m not looking back and I won’t have time to faff with hair and 2) I’ve seen the huge benefits of not wasting ridiculous amounts time on purposeless things firsthand- that includes fretting over things you can’t change,  fruitless relationships, career aspirations that are really dead ends,  right now, for me it’s symbolising nothing deep or profound,  just a means to an end (for now) with  my unhealthy obsession/ time wasted …on hair tongs and bendy rollers!


Andrew’s hair facing the wrath of the Remingtons


Since his crop Mr G is getting lots of comparisons to Adam Levine.. ( no, I don’t see it either!) #Zoolander


All gone!


Lou before

and again..

and again..




Gorgeous Lou after


Beyonces infamous ‘crop’  inspired a trend of shorter styles back in August #lacefront


Jennifer Hudson, Coco Rocha and Michele William sporting glam short styles in 2013


My turn! I have only had a crop once before aged 11.. so hearing the clippers was a little uneasy..


A little shorter than intended, but at least it will grow into the desired style


It took a while to get used to..


..but now I love it..

Hairy Grays

Hairy beasts..

Saving money on hair.. the Gray way..

Saving money on hair.. the Gray way..


Short styles

A little gel to tame the fro and you’re good to go!

Post swim

Post Christmas day swim= hair dry in 20 mins instead of the normal 2 hours!

buzz cut is any of a variety of short hairstyles usually designed with electric clippers. Buzz cut styles include the butch cut, crew cut,flattop and ivy league. The top of a buzz cut style may be clipped a uniform short length producing a butch cut, into one of several geometric shapes that include the crew cut and flattop, as well as other short styles. The back and sides are tapered shortsemi-short, or medium.[1][2] Buzz cut styles can make the face look more defined. Buzz cuts are popular with men and boys who want a short, low-maintenance hairstyle. In many countries, armed forces recruits are given buzz cut styles when they enter training, originally to prevent the spread of lice,[3] but now for ease of maintenance, cooling, and uniformity.[4][5]  (Cheers wiki)


Wishing everyone a HAPPY NEW YEAR and every blessing for 2014  xxx


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