Beaches be like…


Beaches be like…

‘…stoned but fabulous!!’

Stoney Beach

Stoney beaches eclipsed by warm crystal clear waters (Turkey in the background)

<Huuuuge sigh> Mr G and I have just got back from THE most relaxing holiday in Greece and it was wonderful! From the moment we arrived (we were greeted with hot towels, champagne and canapés)  our every whim was taken care of, and although the volcanic island of Kos lacks pure white sands and some of the glamour associated with Santorini – the trip  more than fit in with our plans to eat, swim, sleep -repeat…

I’m not ashamed to say that we only left the resort twice to visit the islands’ thermal springs, less than a 10 minute drive away- but after a VERY busy start to the year; sight-seeing, culture and adventure were not part of the Gray agenda. For a while the U-S -of Gray were divided… Mr G wanted a beach, I  wanted a spa- and after a couple of days googling, we narrowed down places in Europe that had both, leaving just a few days later- rebels!! Mr G thought is was inhumane to book a 6am flight (resulting in a 3am start to the day) but it meant we were drinking cocktails at the poolside by 2pm and still enjoyed a day of swimming, rather arriving in the evening, paying for a week and really only getting 6 days. I still say to anyone- pick the earliest flights you can!

 Being a good 5 miles from the nearest town was heaven.. we wanted a peaceful holiday, and that’s exactly what we got; lazy days by the pool, walks on the beach, massages, spa treatments and scoffing really good food! The hotel was practically empty but the unexpected  bonus of meeting some really lovely couples made the trip worth every penny and more!

I’ve already blogged about the general stuff I pack in my carry on (thankfully no cases were lost!)  so today I thought I’d share my ‘holiday haul’ which wasn’t a lot but still..


1. Clear Bags:

At home, ALL my make up is categorised by ‘eyes’, ‘lips’ or ‘face- I hate faffing around and looking for things, so keeping all my lipsticks in two bags, all my foundations, concealers and contour powders in other bags makes it ten times easier to get ready- and it’s no different when I go  away. Whether long weekend, or long haul I have lots of clear cases in different sizes (from Superdrug) that go with me, and make finding things on holiday so much easier.. less time searching in your case for jewellery= more time lounging by the pool! A couple of bags had seen better days so they got replaced.

Eyes Lips Face

Clear bags




2. Toiletries:

As well as the standard toiletries, toothpaste, face wash etc.. My holiday must haves are sunscreen, aftersun, savlon and Avene’s Eau Thermale: A fine mist spray, created to calm down irritated skin, but mostly used to cool off in hot weather or freshen up make up! Savlon is great for everything, shaving cuts, insect bites, sunburn- it didn’t get used, but covers so many skin ailments, I always pop a tube in just in case!


I’ve used Superdrug’s SOLAIT it range for years, always factor 30 and above, because I have quite a few moles. Every evening we were slathered in aftersun, it calms down any irritation from heat rash and keeps the bugs away! Happy to report that there were no bites all trip!


The irony of having to use this spray because of a mild reaction caused by the sulphur in the ‘natural thermal springs’ was not lost on me! One spray and it diluted the effects of sitting in sulphuric water for 3 hours!


3. Hair care:

IMO, a holiday is the one place you can get away sans comb or brush. Messy hair is acceptable on the beach, and you can keep evening hair simple with a few bits: This time I took one crocodile hair clip,  some bendy rollers and three  headbands, totally unaware at the time, I was channeling my inner ‘Met Ball, Lupita!’



One headband worn two ways


At the natural thermal springs – literally boiling in some places.. and after 3 hours  chatting in the ‘human soup’ I nearly passed out- but I’d still do it again!


Lupita’s Met Ball style


Fishtail braid- Beauty Works, Floral band- New look and jewelled headband- Accessorize


Slim bendy rollers – Poundland

3. Bikinis!!

No holiday would be complete without  bikinis –  A few new ones, from from either Cos or H&M were bargains- they also both have a really good range of summer styles, including kaftans and cover ups! H&M Oxford Circus is a haven of Summer sartiorial-ness, I literally could’ve walked out with everything in the store!

h&m bikini

Neon Pink Bikini – H&M



Nautical themed bikini from Cos


White bandeau bikini H&M


4. Clothes & Shoes:

As I said earlier, I didn’t pack or buy that much given that if the weather was bad- I knew we could always use the spa pool, located indoors. Thankfully the sunshine held out-  so we wore swimwear 80% of the time.




The days were hot, but the cooler evenings required layers!


I only packed 2 pairs of shoes.. brown ‘nude’ heeled sandals that go with EVERYTHING  (Aldo) and Havaianas..


60 second Rimmel polish- I took three colours and alternated- total laquer lifesaver!


I lived in my Black havaianas – ankle straps meant they stayed on even when the waves threatened to take them out to sea..


























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