The Torch came to town

Whether you’re excited by the Olympics or not.. they’re nearly here… and unless  you plan to leave the country, hibernate until they’re over,  or not watch any TV for a month  you WILL be affected! Could be by  journey delays, Olympic conversations or by the ‘in yer face’  branding and advertising.. In my opinion its an exciting time!

Today the Torch came to Sutton! The Borough of Sutton was where Andrew and I chose to have our first home, and is the last Borough we will live in before heading further into London, later this year. Its awesome to experience something like this so close to home, and as we are looking forward to the games, my  Mother-in-law and I, along with Mr G decided to see a bit of History for ourselves!

It was a gorgeous afternoon (blue skies and plenty of sunshine) which made for a fantastic turnout: or maybe it was the free ice cream and coke pulling people in!!!

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