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Hoping for a Home birth *Updated*


Practically every week since I’ve started feeling better – and prior to the heatwave, most of my free time was spent surrounded by water..

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Prayers, punches & products


‘You look like Rab C. Nesbitt today…’ – I laughed after my husband ushered those words in the not so distant past, but two things went through my mind.. 1. Would he report me for assault and battery if I let rip, and 2. the fact that yes.. months of dehydration, super dry, dull, loose skin and a generally ‘unkempt look’ from not being to eat well or move much months, will kind of do that to a person!

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Hyperemesis Hell

IMG_1172 (1)

The first 18 months of my first borns life were mainly spent out of the house; endless play dates, baby groups and trips meant that she barely knew what a TV was, let alone a tablet or You Tube. Fast forward almost two years later, she is binge-watching Peppa Pig for days on end on a Kindle that has become hers, eating junk food by the plateful, and my ‘mothers’ guilt is tangible’.

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The Legend of T and me!


 Last weekend I attended a cast & crew screening of The Legend of Tarzan!

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Baby FAQ’s


 My precious little pickle is 6 months old!

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We heart Olive Headbands

Olive Headbands

Wedding season is upon us… 

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Seven weeks in..

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Jurassic Spark


Heading back from a friends house last week, we spotted another friend coming out of our local pub, and  stopped to say hello..

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Five fab finds…


Last year I was looking for an alcohol free perfume to wear during the Summer, and stumbled across Burberry’s Baby touch…

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New mummy 101


It’s been almost three weeks since Baby Gray made her entrance into the world! Life has been very different, it took me four attempts to watch the latest Game of Thrones, in just as many sittings, I have no idea what’s going on in world news, but she’s perfect and healthy- I wouldn’t change it for anything!

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