August in Pictures

A few random pictures..

August has definitely been my most social month this year.. a postponed trip to to Ghana and Andy off all August means free time, get togethers, dinner parties, seeing more of our friends and LOTS of eating!!


Mr G had a couple stag dos in one weekend during August.. thank goodness all my Hens do’s are spread out quite nicely.. (Basket Ball stag do & Burlesque themed Hen do)


My lovely friend Elisia baked and bought along 50 (really yummy) mini cupcakes for a last minute dinner party.


A VERY generous couple blessed us with a Wagamamas gift card which has more than doubled our visits in August..


‘Puppy’  sitting ‘Jazz’ was made easier by tips from by ‘Dog whisperer friend Chenna..


House sitting for friends with a gym in their Summer House meant working out could be done in pyjamas.. and whilst watching TV.. at whenever o’clock..


These three  beautiful ladies have made my August.. of course other lovelies have too.. but these have played an extra special role on my journey to 30..


Experimenting with make up with a little help from Dior and my make up artist friend Rachel


Rachel used Darker tones ready for the change in seasons.


Visiting our friend Josh in Margate/Broadstairs

Al fresco Breakfast (£3.00) in Margate.. the best Ice cream in Margate and a deep fried battered Mars Bar… = yummy but naughty Junk overload..

Vintage shopping, great cakes, the  Tracey Emin Exhibiton (Turner Contemporary) and the Ice cream Parlour by the beach


Quirky shops in the Borough of Thanet

Cheap but delicious breakfast, The Turner Contemporary Gallery, Josh taught me how to make ballon dogs, Broadstairs=the home of Charles Dickens


Goodbye August…

Photo Credits:

A. Berridge

J. Woodcock

R. Hanson

C. Dunn

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