Ain’t nobody got time for that!


I’m not a shy person.. FAR from. I don’t get easily embarrassed, taking pleasure in publicly doing things that make my husband and younger sister cringe! I wear rollers (or a bonnet*) out and about, and have proudly worn pyjamas to church! I am Über fussy about food and hand hygiene, confronting staff in a popular ‘regal’ Burger outlet (in a nice way!) for getting too friendly with the buns,  and others for  handling money AND my lunch! (Not on my watch! No Sirrreeee.)  If I  don’t like something- you’ll hear about it, so why on the first few days of any new job do I turn into a quivering wreck??!!

I have temped or had contracts with more companies than I care to remember.. each one starting with the elation of landing the role.. followed by that sinking feeling of starting all over again. If you’ve ever changed schools mid term, you’ll know what I mean (I have!) That  newbie walk of shame, the sweat, the fear of eating lunch alone in the corner, or God forbid you don’t have the right lunch box.. all things that can scar a child for life!

Ok so these days it’s not having the wrong lunch box that scares me, but last week, as well as the likelihood of  renaming myself Jodo Grau or Jisi Gray  several times whilst logging in, on any first day- my normally biscuit dry hands, suddenly developed a fine film of sweat -Ain’t nobody got time for that!

Thank goodness I DID have time to  prepare, meaning those first week nerves  and accompanying ‘symptoms’ weren’t as bad:

 Perspirex- one of the stongest products I’ve ever used on my skin (bar the wonder drug!) is a roll- on that I love, but one if used incorrectly.. I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy!  In a nutshell- The perfect solution to combat heavy sweat anywhere on the body. So powerful using it once a week is enough, but be warned to read instructions throughly or prepare to face agony, akin to pouring salt in an open wound!

Last week was the wettest its been in a long while.. so spending half an hour curling my hair  each day for it to lose in a battle between the wind and showers?- Ain’t nobody got time for that! M & S ‘s brand new range of Neon Fluro umbrellas are the perfect winter accessory. Keeping dry has never been more on trend!

You’ll never feel confident if you’re not comfortable, and shorts and dresses are definitely what I feel most comfortable in! Gone are the days where I dress to fit in with everyone else – ain’t  nobody got time for that! So rather than worrying what everyone else in the office would be wearing, and with not a lot of time to look around:  a quick trip to Topshop’s flagship store sorted me out for the first week. I haven’t been in a while, and of course you will always find something you like in Oxford Circus.. I challenge you not to!

Being a sweaty, uncomfortable, drowned rat in the first week of a new job?  You got it!  Aint nobody got time for that!


M&S Brolly



Topshop Shorts


Comfy monochrome


Saved by Topshop



Credit to Sweet Brown for the inspiration: Ain’t nobody got time for that!  (this STILL makes me laugh!)


* Bonnet = using a stocking as a make shift head-tie

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