Adolescent Clothing



The Clothes Show Live, Birmingham NEC. Hundreds of stalls, many brands, old and new but one company really caught my eye..


 Adolescent clothing was first created out of the desire to develop a brand for the fashion conscious girl aged 11-16. In the founders words: ‘Growing up is about discovering who you really are, and we want to help aid the new generation into finding their own identity..’

Far from the über tight, über inappropriate fashions thrusted upon young girls by some brands, Adolescent clothing has developed a high quality ‘casual chic’ range that is so cool it’s grabbing the attention of  both men and women outside of the target market!  Union J, MIC cast members and a host of celebs have been spotted in the range, that boasts an on trend modesty likened to ‘off duty model’. Comfortable sweatshirts, luxe tee’s and beanies are available online whilst stock lasts, but having witnessed  the way items flew out of the brand’s clothes show pop-up-  I know stock definitely won’t last long..





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