Abimaro & The Free

Staring into my drink, I couldn’t help but feel a little out of place surrounded by ‘trendies’. The scene:  Mid week in Shoreditch. A Live music venue/ bar.  Stylish, but in an understated way. The kind of place where artists, musos and the creative, go to play. For the majority however, its an extension of work in the form of networking, or an opportunity to be inspired by each other and by music.  I went alone, but didn’t stay alone for long..

As Abimaro & The Free took the stage, the crowd cheered then slowly hushed. Great music was about to unite the trendies and the groupies!  Three things are very clear if you’ve ever had the pleasure of seeing the three-piece perform live. It doesn’t matter WHERE they gig, the passion is always present, the lyrics will get you EVERY time, and Abimaro herself has flippin’ fantastic rhythm!

It’s rare these days to find vocalists who sound the same live as they do on Albums or  EP’s -Abimaro: is one of those artists who does, but is so charming and nonchalant about her effortlessly smooth vocals, you love her even more. The Free: Keys player Alex and Bassist James, lend their vocals, blending in a way that compliments Abi’s, and is often unexpected. This combined with intricate instrumentals mixed marvellously   with clever riffs makes for a performance that stays with you, long after you’ve left the venue!

Although Carry me from the ‘So I’ll boast’ Live EP is still the Gray favourite, newer tracks show how far the group have come rhythmically and lyrically without abandoning a style, that is distinctly theirs. Having played individually for many artists, including the likes of Roxanne Emery, Emile Sande and Rihanna, the immense talent of James and Alex has spread outside the gospel scene, and really captured the attention of a wider audience including entrepreneur and MOBO award founder, Kanya King. As we chatted through the evening, it was obvious she liked what she had seen.

I feel privileged to have had two thirds of Abimaro & The Free play at my wedding.

Fast forward a few weeks, and the band have announced dates of their first Official Tour. Previous events have sold out, so this is a fantastic opportunity to hear the ‘soulful folk’ melodies, lyrics with meaning and instrumentals that move you to the core!

See Abimaro & The Free on their first official tour, at locations in East London this Spring!

Entry is free, but purchase exclusive  £10.00 tickets for a  Ginger Tea making kit, a copy of the EP and other goodies!

Click the image below for more details:

Click any of the images above for Abimaro & The Free details including the Facebook page!

The tour kicked off in Dalston and I couldn’t wait to see them: Don’t miss YOUR chance !

Fantastic vibes, great beverages.. and an evening you won’t forget in a hurry!



Click me For more on Alex/ Click me for more on Abimaro/ Click me for more on James

Credit: The wonderful and talented Mr V Opoku- See more of his work here

Abimaro & The Free is NOT a guilty pleasure, all the lyrics have meaning and depth..

but share YOUR guilty pleasure for the chance to Win an Abimaro & The Free goody bag including a copy of their ‘So, I’ll boast’ EP, the brand new Ginger Tea single, a ginger tea making kit and lots of Rimmel goodies!

I shamefully confess my guilty pleasure is Lolly – Viva La Radio, no where near as compelling as Abimaro!

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