A Plethora of (p)Leather


Where is the sun? Methinks its taking a vacation in the form of FaithChild’s jeans! I love the yellow denims, but love his jacket more!! Three things from Wednedsay evening are  etched in my mind.. the Live UK Gospel Scene is second to none, (p)Leather is IN and rats in London have no shame!

After the shock of having a large rat run across my shoe, in broad daylight in a busy street, I have sucked it up, remembered God made all living things, and pulled myself together! <cringing.. I can still feel its tail hitting my leg>

 Onwards and upwards.. Leather jackets are popping up ALL over the UK High Street, and it’s no surprise! With the weather being a bit bi-polar, it’s too warm for coats, but often too cold in the evenings for just a cardi, but  jackets are the perfect solution. Leather more so, because its waterproof. A good third of the people at a Gospel/Grime event I went to on Wednesday night (including myself) were wearing leather/pleather (‘plastic’ leather) jackets. Whether studded, frayed, cropped, fringed, textured, quilted or dyed.. they were all unique to the individual and are definitely a staple that’ll you from Summer to Autumn!

I’ve taken inspiration from Faith by teeming my own leather offering with a loose white T, wedges and clutch I bought back in May for a meeting next week..


..and also dressed it up with a detachable faux-fur trim for evenings, and for the first of  my seven weddings today! Congratulations Chris and Sophie xx

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