A friend like Fen

It wasn’t until I had an outdoor space of my own that I started to appreciate the potent power of plants. Our large roof terrace overlooking a well kept garden, was to be the source of discussions and ideas instigated and executed by my friend Fionnuala (Fen).  Fen has impeccable taste. Her home and garden are beautifully decorated, each room enchanting as it is different, an uncluttered host to objects of her extensive travels. It’s impossible to not get garden envy sitting in her sunken decked area, over looking the urban savannah she and her other half have created from scratch..  drinking lemonade (fresh from her lemon tree!) or eating a home cooked meal flavoured with her homegrown herbs..

Venture a little further into her oasis and you’ll stumble upon luscious smells, flowers, greenery, of all types and colours. There is something  to see every step of the way, the journey ending in a fish (and frog) lovers paradise. So it’s no surprise  when we first met, we bonded over food and flowers! I don’t know a great deal about plants and flowers (I greatly appreciate both and used to surround our flat with fresh flowers!) but with Fen to teach me, I’m learning fast! One of our favourite places encompasses many passions, so with my house-hunt launching full speed ahead and the weather behaving nicely, we had good excuses to have lunch and simaltaneously  scour the Nursery for potential items!

Chick pea and Sweet Potato salad ( major spring health kick!- not a diet!)

Carbs a-plenty: Potato, Fish and poached egg Salad

Our lunch was accompanied by fresh elderflower fizz, sadly I’ve been spoilt by Fens homemade version, now nothing compares!

Three salads for the price of two, to share!


Eat Al Fresco, or catch some rays in the green house


The Green house Dining room

Time to shop!


Hand made wares


I want one!


Absolutely adore the shabby chic cabinet

A guest appearance by Fens Hand!


We mainly stayed indoors, but the outdoor area has some of the most amazing landscaping tools in Surrey. From a plethora of plants and trees (including olive trees), to giant (and I mean giant!) pot plants and  ‘stand-out’ garden furniture.

Gorgeous flower-infused soaps


Luxurious Candles


wonderfully intoxicating

Just a table- but with stunning, simple, layered markings


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