Monthly Archives: April 2013

Pre pay day POLLS


Hmmm I’m not sure about the ‘inspiring’ or ‘wise’, I’ve made a fair few bad choices in my time, but I’ll happily take the rest!

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Go go glow


Leaving the house without a coat.. slowly peeling back the layers.. spending more time in the garden.. yes!!

I had no idea when I put on my trainers yesterday (according to several reports) 56% of the nations women would be choosing the same day to start their ‘bikini body’ diets, the park may have been full of joggers and runners all getting their ‘work out’ on, with the average woman aiming to lose up to 11lbs over the next 13 weeks, but I’m not that interested in a bikini bod or bikini diets, I still want better summer skin!

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Better base. Better face


Last week a team from VO5 asked me to take some impromptu street style hair photos. Normally I would freak out that I didn’t have time to prepare or that I needed to retouch/re do my make up, but on this particularly day ‘it wasn’t a thing’. I was wearing two of my secret weapons.

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Solange Knows!


 Solange Knowles

 The baby sister of Queen B, may  have had her own musical talents overshadowed by her big sis’s succes, but who cares when the girl knows a thing or two about fashion!!

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Under the (chel)SEA




The Grays may be no Zena Holloway, but an urban retreat in Chelsea is giving us the perfect excuse to pretend regardless!

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Write the Vision


I have written and kept journals for well over ten years, all documenting various experiences, daily occurrences, irritations and annoyances. In the hope that one day my grand children will be able to look back and see what I ate for breakfast? No.. so that can learn from my mistakes, see what has or hasn’t worked,  plus it’s pretty therapeutic too!

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