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”Andrew has never accepted my help when picking clothes, my only input has been to hassle him to bin items he’s had since his teens,  or  that I deemed unacceptable to thrust upon civilised  society!” – Jodi Gray Feb 23rd 2013

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Those three words…


There are three words that to me are like the painful stab to the heart. Three words that can change the course of not only your life, but the  life of those around you..

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Bye bye puffy eyes!

Eye eye

If eyes are the windows to the soul, then my peepers have been a little murky of late.

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Ideal Home Show


Yesterday morning, Anna Wintour, Olivia Palmero and the rest of the fash pack may have been noticeably absent from yesterday’s FROW, but that didn’t stop me getting excited about taking my seat amongst the ‘less obsessed’  at the ‘Ideal Home Catwalk shows.

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Most impulse buys come in the form of new shoes, or that dress you think you can’t live without, ‘tonight Matthew’ my impulse buy was a gym membership!

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Secret Vegan

When as a couple you are known by a total stranger as ‘ping pong Andy & Jodi’, it’s time to stop and smell the roses!  Last month the fact that we have been ‘back and forth’ with various projects was the subject of birthday party banter. ‘You’re always doing something’ our new friend declared, I wondered how on earth he would even know- whilst Mr G ‘cheersed’ the source of his information!!  Similar to ping pong balls- may be , but starting a church is no walk in the park! So we’re we’re trotting off, after a friends’ wedding in the first week of April- and no, CityHill isn’t paying for it!!

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Rediscover reading


 Last week I read an article highlighting the fact that over a quarter of UK adults hadn’t read a book for enjoyment in the last 6 months. With one in ten admitting to never reading books. I love to read, am married to a former book store manager, meaning boxes and boxes of books are stacked up in the garage and at my parents’ house – yet  I am one of that quarter who doesn’t often read for pleasure.

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