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Star-Spangled pt.2


It seems like Beyoncé doesn’t just serve as style inspiration for us mere mortals, but other celebrities covet the ever changing hair of Mrs Knowles- Carter too!  In my ‘research’.. I came across too many to expose but one stood out.. for all the wrong reasons!

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Star Spangled pt.1



 Beyoncé: Inauguration Performance


Whether Queen B sang live or lip-synched.. I don’t care. I was more interested in her barnet*  and earrings.. I’ve heard her perform live a few times and we all know she can sing!

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Real Housewives of England..?


The Woodlands Park Hotel

Most days between 3.40 and 4.40pm you can find me  lunch on lap, waiting for the start of a ‘real’ housewives show! I know its tragic, but  wherever I am, whatever I’m doing, there’s always been time for the housewives! Whether its seeking out free wi-fi or checking ‘my EE’ to make sure  I’ll have good enough 4G coverage  to watch it- For someone who doesn’t even watch that much TV, its crazy that such pap has me gripped!  From Washington to New York I love seeing places I’ve visited, observing the ladies ‘style’ and watching their relationships  develop. I use the term ‘relationships’ loosely as, 99.9% of the time, they tend to be clawing each others eyes out, and spatting about  stupidity-  but not so much on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills!

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Pimp your Playlist


If today you went for a run, put in some time  at the gym, or followed a workout  in front of the TV/computer screen- hurrah! Give yourself a huuuuuuge pat on the back!! (If you squeezed your glutes a couple of times whilst queuing for lunch you deserve a pat too, because every little helps!)

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Fun with Fuchsia!

fun with fuschiar


One of my most hated colours has jus become a firm favourite!

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Eve Lom to the rescue


 If anybody had told me that removing ‘Lets Go’ lashes would cause me to scream out in pain, I would have definitely reconsidered having them put on and stuck to my beloved paper lashes!  A few days before Christmas, I walked into a Saks Salon, ready to have my ‘spiders’ taken off. Having had them for just under a month, I was ready to try something else, but was told I had looked after them really well and could keep them for another week or two more! Big mistake!!!

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Be Militant about change!


Karen Salmansohn

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Dry January



Yesterday I shared how my husband described 2012 for us as a year of ‘shaping’. Just to be clear that wasn’t body shaping! In fact, in a move thats totally out of character (over 12 months) I have drunk my way through bottles of  ‘Sangria’ and ‘Crema Catalunya’  (Barcelona) ‘Amarula’ from South Africa, ‘Alize’ from France, in fact EVERY place I have visited this year seems to have left its mark in the form of  an Alcoholic souvenir native to the country, or sometimes even the particular region.

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Happy New Year!


Happy New year!!!

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and New Years!  Wishing every reader a blessed and fruitful 2013! I hope  nobody puts limits on the things they want to achieve and that in striving to be successful, you remember that you can also inspire, encourage and give hope to those in difficult situations!

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