Monthly Archives: December 2012

So the world didn’t end..



Christmas shopping still to be done.. the world could’ve ended.. but I spent yesterday playing with Hydrogen Peroxide!  #DipDye

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Tooth of the matter..


James Arthurs Family pre X Factor result show

‘Winning has put the smile back on my face.. I can get my teeth sorted!’ – James Arthur (X Factor winner 2012)

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Brighton to Barca!

Spot the mistake?

In my ‘eager beaverness’ to write in the sand before the tide came in, I realised I had missed the ‘t’ out of Brighton,  and COULD have started again, but in that moment REALLY started thinking about mistakes. I had been thinking about them all week as I do periodically around this time of year.

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Long-haul Longevity

Crystal Towers Hotel and Spa, Cape Town

Three flight attendants shouting my name, and my face covered with an oxygen mask was not how I envisioned ending the most amazing time in South Africa. As I came round, it became apparent that I had passed out due to dehydration but thank goodness, the wonderful flight staff at Virgin were professional, swift and got me back to myself during the 11 hour flight back from Cape Town. The incident could have been a really messy disaster, but miraculously I escaped unscathed and even the ‘Lets Go’ Lashes, survived my face first collapse onto the plane floor,  and stayed in tact!

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