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August in Pictures

A few random pictures..
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My Hot Tub Time Machine


 Maybe the most random thing I’ll ever post.. Maybe not..

Over the year I have dropped several hint to friends and family about potential 30th birthday presents..


 #thats all.

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A L’il Liverpool

 Liverpool is stunning! Not what I was expecting at all. Beautiful architecture and many free museums and exhibitions ( Titanic). It’s fabulous for shopping (Liverpool ONE= the best shopping centre) and Mathew Street is home to loads of  cafes and boutiques including the famous Cricket Boutique. The tourist attractions (including Beatles tours, Docks and the Liverpool Eye)  are  ALL within walking distance from each other. A ‘South Bank’ style restaurant haven that rivals London’s is the setting for exotic eateries including ‘The Beach'; a sandy, decked bandstand complete with Cocktails for Adults and luxurious sandpit/pool for kids. The good weather meant we enjoyed every meal al fresco, and although led to believe Liverpool City  is expensive, its FAR cheaper than London meaning we could stay right in the heart of the City in a decent hotel for around £60 a night.

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Nailin’ It

‘….Ooooo.. I love your nails!!!’ the waitress in Wagamamas screeched, in her thick Scouse accent. I said ‘thank you’ but failed to add that she had just missed one falling into my Ebi Katsu moments earlier! I loved my nails too, however I’m a lazy girl who detests nail shops, and my DIY extensions ; which welcomed the omission of barbaric techniques in local nail salons were letting me down!!

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Madden and Me

Shopping for school shoes was a nightmare that lasted for many years. I remember squeezing  my feet into a funky  pair of Size 7’s and nodding so hard when asked if they fit, I nearly gave myself whiplash. They  didn’t! In my eyes the more painful alternative: leaving Dolcis (RIP) with horrendously  ugly  Size 8’s, that looked like the leather had been donated by a leprosy-ridden cow.

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Product of the week- Soltan Suncare Cream


For years I’d wondered , why ONE side of my face seemed to be more prone to pigmentation and acne than the other. Not even my dermatologist at the time, could provide an answer. The answer came from watching a documentary ‘Horizons: The truth about looking young’, which highlighted that ‘truck drivers’ and people who spend lots of time in cars (which I did for a period) have considerably more pigmentation or sun damage on one side of their face, due to  the way UVA rays filtered through the  driver window.

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A Plethora of (p)Leather


Where is the sun? Methinks its taking a vacation in the form of FaithChild’s jeans! I love the yellow denims, but love his jacket more!! Three things from Wednedsay evening are  etched in my mind.. the Live UK Gospel Scene is second to none, (p)Leather is IN and rats in London have no shame!

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Andrew Gray Day



Happy Birthday Andrew !!!

Having my Husband Andrew and Dad sharing a birth date is both a blessing and a curse. A blessing that I have one less date to remember, and a curse for poor Andrew that he now doesn’t get a day thats solely his. He’s had to put up with six years of me stretching out my birthday often making them week long events, and ‘our’ Anniversaries will probably be hijacked by me.. doing things I want to do, because he’s as long as I’m happy he’s not fussed about details. He’s had joint celebrations with my dad, which will probably continue unless we move to Alaska! So today is an Ode to Andrew! Its Andrew Gray Day (Sorry Dad!*) and I’m revealing my his 3 desert island wash bag items…

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