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The Torch came to town

Whether you’re excited by the Olympics or not.. they’re nearly here… and unless  you plan to leave the country, hibernate until they’re over,  or not watch any TV for a month  you WILL be affected! Could be by  journey delays, Olympic conversations or by the ‘in yer face’  branding and advertising.. In my opinion its an exciting time!

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A double Hat Trick +1


With SEVEN weddings for Mr G and I to go to between August and December, including one destination wedding; I am not only very excited and happy for the lovely couples, but have become increasingly excited and fascinated by hats, fascinators & head pieces! After some fun playing with accessories this week, I think I’d be quite happy wearing the same dress to ALL of the nuptials, and mixin’ it up with lots of different head gear..

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Out of Africa, Into my mouth!

Re my last postShaka Zulu is a South African themed restaurant, opened in 2010 that has been on my bucket list for the last few months. Serving  game and exotic meats including Zebra with new twists,  every inch of the  of the the colossal restaurant  is covered in beautiful intricate carvings. Giant statues greet you when least expected and chic animal print markings produce a nod to the comeliness of African art. It’s one of the few restaurants in London that had me open mouthed from entry to exit.

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Insane in the membrane

Chatting on the phone to a friend about 30th birthday plans (whilst working my way through a box of Dairy Milk) I started moaning about how I hadn’t had any  time to exercise over the last three weeks, and that I was feeling it. She quickly pointed out that I had spent nearly an hour chatting on the phone with her, and that indeed I did have time.. but chose to spend it chatting and eating dairy milk.. I started laughing.. and choked on a chocolate covered toffee as Mr Gray looked on and did nothing!

“You weren’t in any real danger”.. he laughed, not looking up from his iPad..”Plus, you were still able to carry on the conversation whilst choking..!!”

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Tip of the Week…


It’s something I do religiously at least once a fortnight. I should probably do it once a week.. but I always keep them in their own case away from other bits and bobs in my make up bag that get popped on sinks at events, on the floor or on random window sills! (Everything in my bag gets wiped with anti-bac wipes regularly too, but still!)  The build up of natural oils from skin, skin particles & old make up, are the perfect breeding ground for germs and bacteria.. which (no brainer) is not going to help in the battle for clear skin!

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Product of the week- Anything by Palmers!

As the daughter of a Ghanaian man, you would think I grew up loving all things cocoa! And you’d be right.. well edible things anyway!! Until a couple of years ago I could not STAND the smell of cocoa butter! Maybe it was the fact it was foisted upon me as a small child, and often meant my primary school friends were confused about the smell of chocolate when I was near… ‘Is it because you’re brown..?’ they enquired:  ‘No! It’s because my father insists on me smelling like a bar of Kingsbite, and looking like I’ve been dipped in motor grease..’  <silence>

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Cane & Austin Review & Updates (Vlog)

A few weeks ago I tried a product that claimed:

  • 100% of users saw a decrease in blemishes in one week
  • 90% experienced luminous, radiant and healthy skin after just one week
  • to treat hyper-pigmentation and skin discolouration
  • to reduces fine lines and wrinkles.
Below are the results…

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Lace & Tweed Event


 Thousands of people turned out to the Spring Lace & Tweed fair, making it one of the biggest Vintage events of the year, so far!  Of course this meant for LOTS of pictures in the L&T booth; making the decision for the ‘best dressed vintage’ shopper a mammoth task! We haven’t forgotten about it, and will be announcing the winner and prizes in due course! So in case you missed it, and for a little taster of why you should NOT miss the next one… enjoy!!!

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