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Kumasi Childrens Home

Sitting at the back of the classroom listening to Class One recite the alphabet, was one of those moments that induces goosebumps. Months earlier I had received an email from my cousin who had visited the local children’s home in Kumasi, Ghana out of curiosity. He was so affected by what he saw, he pledged to help make changes there and then. Around the same time I got his email, I was having discussions with Andrew about various missions and causes, that we should support as a couple. I knew when I married Andrew that a life of being oblivious to the needs of others was not an option, and just as well, because although initially overwhelmed to passiveness by the number of organisations and projects to support those in need: it has been something I have felt more and more restless about as time goes on.

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Staying in Accra?


For City Boutique Bliss try ‘La Villa Boutique’ Hotel. (We enjoyed its Evening Menu and Night-time ‘transformation’).

Accra Foodies: For the BEST weekend breakfast/lunch served in Accra try Labadi Beach Hotel.  (Breakfast = Live Omelette, pancake and waffle stations, each cooking to order! A range of FRESH breads, cakes and pastries, full cooked breakfast options, fresh fruit, cereals and juices. (Lunch= e.g spit roast, grilled tiger prawns, a range of freshly cooked dishes, Carvery) Be warned it is PACKED for Sunday lunch but a real testimony to the great food.

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Hotel Ghana (Ko-sa Beach Resort)

In a few months, I will be celebrating my second year of marriage (Cotton Anniversary!) and although the celebration will most likely be tied in with my 30th birthday celebration, in a destination of my choice; I can’t help but feel I’ve already had a second honeymoon in the form of Ko- Sa Beach resort, Cape Coast, Ghana.

So far off the beaten track, I began to think the promised destination was a myth. The road was long, and bumpy, but thoughts of the journey were forgotten when we approached the entrance and set our eyes on the stunning horizon!

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Go tell it OFF the Mountain


Although I started going to church when I was 12, and got baptised at 18, I didn’t start taking my faith seriously until October 2005. Prior to making a re-commitment to Christianity in 2005, I had several ‘God-instances’ which led me to believe that God was real, and more importantly that he was watching over me. Ironically many of the ‘big’ instances were  on holiday. From ‘sailing’ through the air when I drove a quad bike off a cliff in Seville, to my entire family surviving a road rage incident a few years ago, in Ghana, that shook me to the core. It was a nasty situation made worse by an angry mob brandishing machetes. In both of the fore mentioned incidences I was left with only a small scratch, however  permanent and poignant reminders that things could’ve been a lot worse!!

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Eye Eye Captain!

As you are reading this I am nearing Accra, Ghana! The FIRST thing I shall do as I step off the plane is reach for my sunglasses. Not because I have transformed into a diva, who refuses to make eye contact with people en route, BUT because in addition to channeling ‘homeless chic’, I know I will have some serious eye bags!! I never bothered with eye creams or gels until last year and out of all the ones I’ve tried, the products below have worked best, with L’Oréal Collagen micro-vibration coming out on top! Dabbing a little cream under the eye.. and then using the  vibrating wand to encourage fluid drainage. This in addition to cold camomile tea bags works wonders! I remember meeting a Neals  Yard consultant/blogger at an event this year, who put her wrinkle, bag and puff free eyes down, not to the products she was selling, but  to homemade camomile ‘eye masks’. Camomile is a natural anti inflammatory, that also helps to soothe skin irritations, so perfect for pooped peepers!

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Carry on Essentials


My actual case!!

Hoorah!!!! In a couple of hours I shall be boarding a plane and kissing the grey, cloudy skies of London goodbye (no not forever!) A mixture of short missions (church/charity work), media events and holiday fell at the same time, meaning a couple of connecting flights and the need to travel light. My Carry on case will be my saviour!

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Clearasil Vs Clarins

I never imagined that on my journey to 30, I would still have a cupboard full of Clearasil!! (It just doesn’t roll off the tongue as nicely as Decleor, Clinique, Avene etc.)  If you have read my post ‘Skin Games’ you will know I’ve been trying different products  to keep my skin as it is, with the promise of honest feedback concerning the best products. However, I like to give every product at least 6-8 weeks to work its magic, so nearly there!

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Soup with Swag


If you too are looking to change the way you eat; I thought I’d share the recipe, of the soup eaten with my ‘Graze ‘roll last week! I’ve been banging on about healthy eating for a while now,  and so have been cooking from scratch as much as possible. Mr Gray makes wonderful homemade chips, and even the pastry in our pies has the Gray homemade stamp! Meals like soup are great because they can be made in batches, frozen and defrosted for a quick and healthy ‘ready’ meal in a hurry!

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