Monthly Archives: April 2012

Grays’ Graze Anatomy


It’s three o’clock (tummy rumble) you reach for the biscuit tin , or for a chocolate bar – before you know it, you’ve crammed your belly with more snacks than a corner shop to get you through until five o’clock!  It need not be this way!!!!

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East is a Beast!

*Beast ://: Urban slang relating to something being fantastic or superior.

Saturday morning, I woke Andy with a ‘gentle’ shake, and informed him that we were going  to spend the afternoon at Alternative Fashion Week. He didn’t share my joy. ‘It’ll be fun’ I lied. The truth for him equated to me being forced  to watch an afternoon of ‘match of the day’. ‘Plus we get to hang out with Bobby’ I informed. Bobby, a mutual friend was styling the first of 40 shows.

One eye open, and with tea on his mind, he agreed:  there began the start of a day that turned out to be just a little bit wonderful.

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Abimaro & The Free

Staring into my drink, I couldn’t help but feel a little out of place surrounded by ‘trendies’. The scene:  Mid week in Shoreditch. A Live music venue/ bar.  Stylish, but in an understated way. The kind of place where artists, musos and the creative, go to play. For the majority however, its an extension of work in the form of networking, or an opportunity to be inspired by each other and by music.  I went alone, but didn’t stay alone for long..

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BHS Bling

As a kid I used to HATE going into BHS! It was one of those stores that made my heart sink at the mere thought of having to trudge through its sombre, lightless departments. The clothes were shapeless and monotonous. The shoppers were generally more interested in the endless rows of towels- and it was no surprise as the ‘array’ of clothes-really-weren’t-that-good! A few of the franchises have since introduced concessions into their branches, meaning now there is the potential to find the odd gem amongst the well known brands like Dorothy Perkins or newer players including ‘Jasmine London’.

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Easter Feaster

I love a family get together! Any excuse to bring out the trifle (Janet!) Cook up a storm (Mother) and bake lots of cakes (me!).

We’ve only just had one for Mothers Day, but Easter Sunday is the most important date in the Christian calendar. Church is of course the first order of the day, followed by  lunch, and normally a tea later. With three churches represented: food, faith and fun made for an eggsellent day!!

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Hair Today

Over the last couple of months, my hair has been bleached, dyed (4 times!) loaded with 36 inch blonde extensions, steamed, tonged, pulled, yanked.. everything short of deep fried, all in the name of fashion! The recent doses of chlorine from the local pool had all but turned my hair into a frazzled ball of afro frizz. If hair could talk, it would be screaming at me to stop and get some conditioning treatments, as it happens, Mr Gray got there first. He didn’t scream.. but an unsubtle ‘treat yourself.. you should go get your hair done’ came from his cheeky self. My hair, an odd shade of orange, sighed with relief but I called his bluff…

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The hands have it

I learnt VERY quickly during my temping days NOT to eat from communal office biscuit tins! Was I afraid that the chocolate chips may resurface as stubborn pustules on my then patch-worked face.. or did the thought of cookies enjoyed for a moment, setting up home on my hips fill me with dread? The truth is neither.  I honestly couldn’t be sure that those remnants of ‘chips’ lurking in the corners of the tin, were actually chocolate.

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