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A friend like Fen

It wasn’t until I had an outdoor space of my own that I started to appreciate the potent power of plants. Our large roof terrace overlooking a well kept garden, was to be the source of discussions and ideas instigated and executed by my friend Fionnuala (Fen).  Fen has impeccable taste. Her home and garden are beautifully decorated, each room enchanting as it is different, an uncluttered host to objects of her extensive travels. It’s impossible to not get garden envy sitting in her sunken decked area, over looking the urban savannah she and her other half have created from scratch..  drinking lemonade (fresh from her lemon tree!) or eating a home cooked meal flavoured with her homegrown herbs..

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Damsel in a Dress

January 2010. Flicking through the mire of TV channels, I landed on ‘Soap star to Opera star’ a programme I had no interest in, until Vanessa White of the Saturdays started singing ‘O ‘something’ bambino carro,’ a stunning Italian operatic piece, but I was more interested in her fabulous dress!   It had been over 3 months since Andrew had proposed and I hadn’t even LOOKED at a dress at this stage, as I was planning on wearing my mums.  I saw Vanessa swishing around in a white ruffly number and something in me went crazy. I was transfixed.  Before the credits ran, I had already emailed the production team, the show stylist and two frantic weeks later, thanks to their help, tracked the designer down (under) in Australia.

Unfortunately the dress was out of stock..I was gutted. I prayed someone would return their dress, or that one would turn up in the Boutiques of the Capital. Harrods had one in size 6, but not eating until the wedding, whilst paying full price for the privilege was not an option! Thirty something emails, endless phone calls and Skype dates lead to nothing. I gave up the chase. It had been intense…

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Short Stories

I heart her shorts

So a turn of events last week meant a change of plans, and spending the morning with in the in-laws and Andrew in good ol’ Guildford! I heart Guildford! It feels like home to me. In 2006 I spent at least three evenings a week at the Spectrum (Leisure Centre) mainly ice skating, or playing ice hockey- but sometimes swimming. It all stopped shorty after I met Andrew; a world away from the Torville and Dean standard, but I had some great times with my  buddies Matt and Jake!

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TheGrayWay is migrating..

To make up for the lack of posts whilst we move site:

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Choccy woccy, brew: Ta!

I have spent the last few days in Sneeze-ville. Festering in my own germs, unable to shake off a cold for over three weeks!! I carried on working whilst feeling rough – but this only made it worse! Cooped up in doors, missing castings, and other things; mother and mother-in-laws invitations to go for walks and for lunch were declined until Andrew called me with some VERY important news…

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Tow Jam

Summer Boots

A rather chilly weekend in February.. Andy and I leave Surrey just before 8am heading into London for a meeting about a property. Choosing not to pay £20 for a nearby car park on arrival, we parked fifteen minutes away.  It proved to be a totally  euphoric but daunting experience, and although both aware this particular listing was a somewhat unrealistic option – (I firmly  believe all things are possible!) We discarded negativity, and relished the ‘open day ‘ out instead. Spending the best part of the day with some lovely people, and leaving on such a high neither of us could get a word in edge ways as we discussed the days occurrences.

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