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Wedding Belles

Watching my sister in-law to be, trying on wedding dresses, was one of those occasions that I’ll remember for a long time to come. Least not because Kellie has a wide circle of friends, and I was touched that she asked me to be part of  her special moment.

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Hometown Glory


Bryant Park,  Manhattan, a hub of activity and the scene for one of the most surreal experiences I’ve had. Andrew and I, en route to Grand Central station, were stopped in our tracks by paintings so simple and beautiful we had to take a closer look. Six million people visit the space every year,  vendors come and go, so we didn’t want to miss an opportunity to get details.. Long story short- it turned out the painters had  just shipped their first painting to London (so?) Not just London, but to Surrey (ok!) EPSOM, Surrey (weird..) and to someone both Andrew, and I know (totally freaky!!!) The conversations that followed were also very surreal.. not surreal enough to merit a discount, but a friendship that will probably continue was formed! Usually conversations about where I grew up are returned with blank faces and the odd yawn..

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Oh baby..

If I had £1 for every time someone asked me when I’m going to start having babies.. I wouldn’t be a millionaire but I’d probably be able to treat quite a few of you to a slap up meal at the famous Golden Arches! I may even be able to shell out for a cheeky dessert!

One lady even had the nerve to ask me if I got married BECAUSE I was expecting.. (stupid cow!) No I flipping well didn’t.. (We waited until marriage!!)

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Skin Games

It was only after I got engaged  in October 2009, I decided  tackle my problem skin. For years I was plagued with breakouts, uneven skin tone and blemishes..  nothing seemed to help!

I’d have fluke periods of seemingly smooth skin (helped by good make up!) but it never lasted more than a few months. So with less than a year before the big day, I saw my GP who referred me to a brilliant dermatologist and there began my course of a drug that promised blemish and breakout free skin for life…

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Bailiffs & Cream

As my in-laws stood at the front door, quivering, facing the two ‘heavies’  demanding to take their car.. my husband, who no doubt had only just surfaced.. came whizzing down the stairs in his boxers to see what the fuss was about- sheepishly retrieving when it came to light  the heavies were actually after him (or us) and graced us with a visit not because he is part of a rival Surrey gang, but for a far more sinister unpaid Council Tax bill. (Insert scary music here).

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My first Cannoli...

Faced with the prospect of spending the holidays with beautifully coiffed and polished New Yorkers, I decided to up my game. Before heading stateside, I knew the party season would make it harder to be restrained, but despite my weakness for good cake and bread crumb covered party nibbles- overall I did pretty good!

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Happy (Belated) New Year!

A belated Happy New Year!

We’re now half way through January but I really  hope it’s been the start of an amazing 2012 for you!

New years eve, is always bitter sweet for me. I am both excited  and nervous at the start of each new year. I try to think of it as a fresh start and look forward to new opportunities and want to embrace what’s ahead: I also get that sinking feeling reminding me of  how lazy I am and  of the things I wanted to do over the previous year; but didn’t.

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